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YMCA which is also known as Young Men’s Christian Association is a firm which presents its services to more than 125 national associations. The company currently has more than 57 million beneficiaries and is based in Switzerland. This company started offering its services in the year 1844 and has been able to maintain its status of quality and reliable services since then. The company was founded by George Williams and also presents its services on the online portal. The company was founded for offering housing schemes on low prices for all the Christians. The company also presents its services for women using the department YWCA.

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Hiring Procedure At YMCA:

The attendants have to apply through the online web portal of this company by submitting the application form on this website. The hiring team short lists the candidates who are qualified enough for this job and call them for the interviewing process. The interviewing procedure consists of 20 to 30 minutes questions and answers session.

Attendants play an important role for completing the tasks in the outlets. They are handed over a number of responsibilities so that customers may get complete and satisfactory services in the most Convenient Possible Way.

Roles And Responsibilities:

Some of the duties that are performed by the attendants working at this company are given below:

  1. Offering services to the guests who are paying visits to the company’s outlet.
  2. Maintenance of stores and making sure that all the facilities are offered to the customers.
  3. Greeting all the customers who enter the company’s outlet and asking them politely regarding their needs and requirements.
  4. Assisting everyone at the company with the hardware and equipment at the center.
  5. Advising the customers regarding their health and medical problems.
  6. Making sure that all the rules and laws are being followed at different company outlets.
  7. Cleaning the company outlets and maintaining a hygienic environment.
  8. Repairing the broken machinery and hardware devices that are installed at different outlets.
  9. Coordinating with the team members to complete different tasks on daily basis.

Details About Salary And Included Benefits:

Some of the details related to salary package offered by this company along with other compensations and benefits are mentioned as under:

  1. Attendants get a pay ranging from $9.00 – $12.00 on hourly basis. Their pays may increase from this amount in case of gradual increase in their level of experience while working at this company.
  2. Attendants get membership facility for free at this company.
  3. They are given packages of paid holidays and vacations.
  4. Health care and medical facilities which cover dental problems, vision related problems etc.
  5. Basic life insurance facility
  6. Retirement plan registration for the retired attendants working at any of the outlets.

The employees working at this company have presented the picture of a light and productive environment both for employees as well as for customers. According to other attendants, the hiring procedure is simple and the best part of this job is that you can get free membership offer from this company.