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AutoZone is the leading retailer of aftermarket parts and accessories of cars, has been providing its services through more than 5200 stores all over the United States, Mexico and Brazil. The company started working in 1979 with its first store in Forest City, Arkansas. AutoZone provides opportunities to work for it by offering different jobs like Sales representative, Store Manager and delivery drivers etc.

Store managers are mostly hired by selecting within the company but candidates from outside the company can also be hired depending upon his past experience. Other jobs in the AutoZone include jobs in the departments of IT, Human Resource, Accounting, Inventory and Logistics and Delivery. These are the jobs which also take part in the enhancement of the sales.

How to Apply for Jobs:

  • To apply for the jobs you need to follow a simple process. Open the website of AutoZone career where you can find the jobs of your particular field and interest and the link is given bellow:
  • At the top you can see “Career”. Click on it. At the left side, an option can be seen “Apply for Career Opportunities” By clicking there, another page will open.Now, in the next page, there will be a tab “SEARCH FOR JOBS”. Click on it. The next will open where you will give the zip code which will help you to find the AutoZone stores within 30 miles of your search area. A list of all the stores will appear Select the nearest or most suitable store area from the list and click on it. You will get another page opened with AutoZone information and requirements which it looks to hire new employees. At the bottom, a tab will be there “Continue”. Clicking on it will open the page and then you can click on ‘Apply Now”. Then you have to make an account if you are a new user while old users can simply login by giving Id and password and give some information about yourself in the application form.
  • You can also apply by personally going to the store where you need a job by submitting your application there and after you can be asked for the interview as well.


A store manager in AutoZone can get a salary of around $28000 per year at the beginning level which may reach up to $63000 with the experience of the manager. More past experience or getting experience working at AutoZone will make you earn more. An assistant store manager can also earn $18000 per year at the beginning level and experienced workers can get up to $45000. Sales Manager at AutoZone get the similar pay which an assistant manager of the store gets and a District Manager gets salary from $60000 and $77000 annually.


Apart from the salaries, AutoZone gives its employees very attractive benefits like;

  • Health and life insurance
  • Medical and wellness benefits
  • Paid vacations for two weeks every year
  • Heavy discounts on the products of AutoZone

Important Points to Remember:

  • You must have the quality of interacting well with the others. Those employees who likes to help people get the priority of getting employed over the others. Customer friendly employees assists the company to retain its customers and make the image of the company better.
  • Work shifts are flexible, you will be working in the morning, afternoon, evening or midnight shifts as well.
  • You may also be called on weekends and other holidays, depending on the work load.
  • You need to follow the policies of the company and the directions given by the managers strictly including your arrival at the office in time and the dress code of the company in order to create and maintain a professional environment.

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