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Independent Grocery Alliance (IGA) is an American grocery store chain which had a concept of making alliances of local grocery stores to compete in the market. Currently IGA has been doing business in 46 states of United States and 30 countries and plans for expanding the business and increase the number of stores which gives opportunity to the unemployed people to work for it. You can get the interview guides here after applying for the job at IGA by visiting to a nearest store in your local area.

Kinds of Interviews and Tests:

  • There are different positions for the job which IGA has been offering. Depending on these positions, interview types vary. The interviews for an entry level job may be one on one and only one interview is enough for them.
  • Other positions for which experience is required, may need more than one interviews. They have to be appeared in a telephone interview first, then a panel interview will be necessary.
  • Candidates at IGA may have to pass drug tests as well.
  • Employers inquire about the background of the applicants which may consist of an assessment about his attitude with the previous employer, co-workers and the customers.
  • Interviews may include questions about the education of the applicants and their previous job experiences. Other questions may include about the applicants’ personality and his knowledge about the operations of a grocery store generally.

Interview Questions:

  • Define yourself in three words?
  • What do you know about IGA? What are its different products?
  • What is your opinion about IGA and its products?
  • Is the IGA your ideal company?
  • How well can you work with a team?
  • Do your feel at ease working in a team?
  • According to you, what is the definition of Customer Service?
  • How can you provide your customer with a good service?
  • If a customer’s behavior is rude with you, can you deal with him/her and convince him/her?
  • What are different challenges which a grocery store has to face?
  • Are you are doing a job? If yes then what do you think is the best part of your job?
  • What kind of environment do you work in?
  • What is the reason to leave that job?
  • Why have you applied for the job at this particular position?
  • What have you learned so far from your job or jobs you have done yet?
  • Have you ever faced any problem during the previous work experiences?
  • How did you come out of that problem?
  • Have you found any ways to make job easier?

Tips for the Interview:

  • A research about the company before the interview will be beneficial.
  • You should have an answer about the reason of selecting the company for the employment.
  • You may ask questions from the interviewer as well. So prepared list for such purpose will show the interest and dedication you have for the job.
  • Maintain an eye contact with the interviewer and always reply with a smile so that you may present yourself as a person with lively attitude which is necessary to interact with the customers and retain them with the company.
  • If you have never experienced to work for a grocery store, try to know how to relate your other experience of jobs with IGA.
  • You should always be on time otherwise you will give a lazy and careless impression to your interviewer.
  • When the interview is done, say thanks to the interviewer through an email for his time.
  • You appearance matters a lot. Business casual dressing and a clean haircut is must.
  • Bring resume with you and keep a pen and a paper with you to note important points. This also impresses the interviewer that you are person who cares about the necessary things.
  • Never smoke before going for the interview.