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AutoZone is the retailer brand of car accessories and parts which has been currently working in United States, Mexico and Brazil with over 5200 stores in these regions.The operations of the company began when its first store was opened in 1979 in Forest City, Arkansas. AutoZone has been giving the chances to apply for job there and get employed in the different categories like Sales representative, Store Manager and delivery drivers etc.

Jobs which have been offered include Store Manager, Assistant Manager and Sales Manager etc. Hiring of some managers is usually done by searching someone working in the company store already but applicants from outside the company are also kept in mind to consider for the job depending upon the requirement of the company or experience of the employee whenever experience is necessary. Jobs in different departments are offered as well. These departments include Marketing, Human Resource, finance, IT or may be Logistics. So the jobs may be required at the entry level or for the part timers too like driver and sales persons.

Interview Guides:

AutoZone jobs are related to the retail environment mostly but it does not mean that you do not have to follow the requirements which an interviewee should have during the interview like you cannot underestimate the environment in which these interviews are conducted. You need be professional. The interview is conducted at the location of AutoZone where you have applied and mostly it is with the Store Manager or the District Manager. You need to be appropriately dressed up and be prepared for the interview by having some know how about the company and to be better you should know about the cars and its accessories. If you have such knowledge, the chances will be more for you to get that job as it will also be convenient for you to work with certain known things in advance.

The applicants with the knowledge and those who have searched more about the company and the products will be able to reply the questions with more confident and will be at ease. As the most of the questions asked at the interview revolve around your personality and know-how you are having about these things. You gestures will give answers for you. So, preparation is must to get success in the interview. You will be asked about you experience and way of dealing with the customers if you have an experience in the past. Always reply with smiley face to create an impression that you will be good enough to interact with the customers on behalf of the company.

Mostly Asked Questions in an interview:

  • Give a brief introduction about yourself?
  • What do you know about AutoZone? What are its different products?
  • What is your opinion about AutoZone and its products?
  • Is the AutoZone your ideal company?
  • What kind of work your expecting to do at AutoZone?
  • Can you tell about the competitors of AutoZone in the market and what competitive advantage AutoZone have over others?
  • Why should you be preferred for job at AutoZone?
  • Can you be an asset to the company? How?
  • Do you have any friend or relative working at AutoZone?
  • Any specific reason to work at AutoZone?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Currently, you are doing a job, what do you like about that?
  • What kind of environment do you work in?
  • What is the reason to leave that job?
  • Why have you applied for the job at this particular position?
  • What did you learn from you past experience?
  • Share any time of problem which you had to face during work?
  • How did you come out of that problem?