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Burger King presents the internet users the facility of applying online at the Careers portal of the Burger King. The management staff at Burger King is hired at different posts using the recruitment procedure whose details are given in the paragraphs below:

Hiring Procedure:

During short listing the candidates for an interview, the candidates go through a series of steps which are given below:

  1. Assessment test for being short listed for the interviews
  2. Technical interview
  3. Interview for personality evaluation
  4. Medical tests, drug tests and documentation procedure for starting the job

The interviewing procedure is meant to answer all the questions related to technical sides of the job as well as related to the communication skills and speaking power of the candidates. Candidates are also tested for their visual, analytical and practical skills related to job.

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Duties And Responsibilities:

It is expected from the managers working at Burger King to look over different departments and duties which are listed in the sequence below:

  1. Hiring and recruitment of other lower level staff members such a greeters, associates and others
  2. Training of the employees hired at different positions
  3. Completing the documentation and filling the paper work related to different departments in this job
  4. Handling the calls which are made by customers as well as company officials to each other in order to form a communication bridge and solve different problems faced by everyone
  5. Making sure that customers are well satisfied and have no problems with the performance of the staff members or quality of food
  6. Spreading the name of Burger King among the customers by making different advertisements and market its products

Details Of Salary Packages And Extra Facilities:

Normally the managers get around $13 to $15 U.S. Dollars per unit hour which adds up to about $30,000 per year. The salary may increase in case of achieving certain level of experience. The location of job also contributes a lot in the amount of salary as well as the raise that employees may get after getting experience.

One of the benefits that Burger King Employees have, are discount rates which are given on food items. This company also offers its employees retirement plans, medical care plans, health facilities etc. the facilities may vary from one location to another.

Interview of a manager:

Burger King has been managed to ask a few questions during an interview. These questions are given as under:

  1. Discuss the details of your job and the responsibilities that are handed over to you?

Answer: I am appointed here as an assistant manager. My main responsibilities are to complete the all the documentation and set the environment for the team members to work in coordination with each other.

  1. Discuss one of the working days as an assistant manager.

Answer: Normally, I have to work in shifts and complete my duties during the working hours. In case if an angry customer comes, we have to control the situation. The environment here is extremely customer oriented, therefore, we have to take care of the problems that they are having.

  1. While getting hired, what were you asked during the interview?

Answer: The recruitment team asked me that how can I play a significant role as a team member and why should they hire me. I answered this question with my strengths as a manager and the leading abilities that I have.

  1. What is your advice for the people who start as a new employee?

Answer: Respect the opinions of your colleagues and try to accept the orders of team members having senior ranks. Also listen to the advice given to you from different team members in order to improve your performance.