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At Hobby Lobby we appreciate the value of exceptional person. Our aim is to find the right candidate to integrate into our place of work. We pride ourselves on offering our employees a conducive environment for long term productive employment. Whether you are choosing Assistant Manager Position or Retail store position along with other many departments, an opportunity would be awaiting for you. We have both part time and full time positions available in our corporate offices and retail stores with best benefits packages according to position. Recently we are looking for experience managers of retail to join our family of hobby lobby. Our all retail managers learn ropes by starting at the position of co-manager later they got promoted to store manager and other senior positions of retail manager always come in company.

Online Application System

In order to apply for any post applicants are required to submit their job application online. If you are interested to start your career with this fast paced environment of hobby lobby then you are welcome to access its online career portal. Being an applicant you have to specify your field of interest once you have selected your field search for available jobs in that department. Go through over all vacant positions to find the place which is best for you according to your expertise and skills. Apply for job by submitting your job application online but make sure you must have a career profile before submitting your application. For more details read stated below steps of execution.

How to find a job at hobby lobby?


You must have following things in hand in order to find job online here.

  1. You are required to have a personal computer
  2. You must have reliable internet connection available on system
  3. You must have a profile on career web page
  4. Keep your Resume handy if you don’t have account

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. First of all you have to turn on your personal computer and open internet browser in order to access website by inserting its official URL in address bar.
  2. Link of website is given here
  3. You will find an option of “View all positions” located on right corner of home page you are required to click on this option.
  4. This click will bring another window where you will get all available positions, go through over them to find your dream job.
  5. In other case you can make a refine search by entering Keyword of job in marked field of text.
  6. Select your location from given options and choose department where you want to find available job positions.
  7. Now, press Enter button from your keyboard which will take you to available positions that matches with your search criteria.
  8. Select any job by clicking on its title. Read complete specification and requirement of job if you find that you are eligible for this post click on button of “Apply Now”
  9. You would be asked to sign in to your profile to submit application of job but if you are a new member then you have to register yourself by clicking on button of “New User”
  10. Follow onscreen instructions to create your account and submit job application.

Interview Questions:

At the time you have been selected against your online job application and you got interview call then start your preparation for the interview by reviewing all frequently asked questions of interview relevant to your position. Few interview questions are given below which will assist you to prepare well for interview.

  1. Tell me something about you?
  2. What you know about hobby lobby?
  3. Name a situation when you have to go beyond or above to satisfy your customer and what was the results?
  4. Tell us about that time when you had to work with team members those who are not supportive?
  5. What are your strategies for sales?
  6. Do you having experience in sales?
  7. Discuss a moment when somebody questioned your integrity?
  8. What are your abilities to deal with members of team?
  9. What are your feeling while working with clients?
  10. Do you have any experience of networking?
  11. What were your achievements in previous position?
  12. What would be your strategy if any customer is angry with you?
  13. What would be your approach to deal a confused customer?
  14. Why do you think you are best candidate for this post?
  15. Can you sell me this product?
  16. What are your expectation regarding wages?
  17. Anything which you want to know from us?

Hobby Lobby Salaries:

Average annual salary of Hobby Lobby for the post of Associate ranges from $15000 and for the post of Director its $90,000. For more details of salary visit given below Graph of Salaries.

Job TitleAnnual Salary
Department Manager$26,880
Retail Sales Associate$20,000
Customer Service Manager$26,000
Store Manager$65,000
Warehouse Worker$30,000
Assistance Manager$36,000
Order Picker$30,000
Department Head$27,800
Customer Service Representative$20,000
Forklift Operator$30,000
Fabrication Manager$25,000
Assistant Store Manager$36,000
Customer Service Associate / Cashier$20,000

Hobby Lobby Benefits:

Hobby Lobby is providing variety of benefits to their employees in form of allowances and incentives of medical, discounts, vacation and much more. For more details follow given below list of advantages.

  1. Company is allowing their workers to enroll for 401K PLAN
  2. For old workers’ pension and retirement programs are introduced.
  3. Employee discount programs are initiated to provide discounts on their shopping.
  4. Dismemberment insurance program is offered by organization
  5. Medical leaves, sick leaves and Maternity off are provided to customers.
  6. Other support program includes professional support as well as tuition aid is provided to employees to handle with day to day problems
  7. Employees are also offered by insurance program including health, life and vision insurance