Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank founded the Home Depot in 1978. Head Office of company is in Atlanta, GA. It is considered as largest retailer of home improvements services with more over 2200 retail branches in United States including Mexico, China, Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. Stock of Home Depot is traded in stock exchange of New York, it has started changing the perspective of customers about how they can improve and care for their home decoration. Competitors of Home Depot is Walmart and its earning $10 plus billion per year.

Home Depot Career Opportunities

Home Depot is providing an opportunity for all job-seekers to find different jobs online. If you are looking for a job then you are highly recommended to visit career portal of Home Depot because this is the place where you will find different departments and respective jobs. All you have to do is specify your criteria of education, interest and experience along with information of your location to get long list of available jobs. This is how you can find jobs online, once you have got your dream job now question is how you can apply for it. Well, you can apply for that job through online application system of Home depot. Create an E-Profile on career web page of website and add all necessary and required information. Upload your resume on website and apply for job by just clicking on simple button of “Apply”

Available Job Positions:

The most available jobs for which you can apply at Home Depot includes

  1. DC Transportation supervisor
  2. Dc Quality Assurance
  3. Assistant Store Manager
  4. Outside consultant of sales
  5. Big Data Security In charge
  6. DC manager Asset Production
  7. Assistant Store Manager
  8. Software Engineer of Lead online

How to apply for job at Home Depot?

Before applying for job you must have following things in hand.

  1. You need to have a computer with internet connection
  2. Keep soft and hard copy of your resume in hand
  3. You must have profile account on career web page of website

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. First of all you have to visit website of Home Depot career at
  2. Access home page of website, now you have to select “Job Type” from given list which is located on left side of web page.
  3. This list would be comprised of different options such as in store hour, corporate, contact center and distribution center hourly. You have to choose any one option according to your interest.
  4. In next step you have to select category of job from given options located next to option of “Job Type”
  5. Similarly, choose name of your state from next available list.
  6. Enter name of your city or zip code according to availability and click on button of “Go”
  7. This click will redirect you to another webpage where you will see a list of available jobs. Go through over all jobs and find the one which suits you best.
  8. Click on check box of that job and click on button of “View”
  9. Read complete description of job and click on button of “Apply” to proceed with your job application.
  10. In last step you have to Log in to submit your job application online.

Interview Questions:

Here are some questions of interview which will help you out to prepare for your interview

  1. Do you have any customer service experience?
  2. Tell us about that time when you have worked with a strong personality?
  3. Why did you select Home Depot?
  4. How would you handle a conflict between coworkers?
  5. Why do you want to work at Home Depot and what are your strengths?
  6. What would you say to a customer knowing that you are the only person with whom they will talk in store?
  7. Tell us book oriented definition of Abstraction and object oriented programming?
  8. How would you handle the tasks which is time oriented with exceptional quality?
  9. Where do you see yourself in coming years?
  10. What would you do if any customer asked you a query and you don’t know its answer?
  11. How you past experience will help you to work at Home Depot?
  12. Describe yourself in one word?
  13. Why should we hire you in company?

Salaries At Home Depot:

Salary is that one thing which is considered as most hot topic to be discussed at the time of interview. Some of Home Depot posts and their salaries are given below in tabulation form.

Jobs Title Salaries
Sales Associate $11.45/hr
Cashier $9.73/hr
Department Supervisor $16.12/hr
Head Cashier $11.26/hr
Store Manager $90,649h
Part Time Cashier $9.33/hr
Assistant Manager $59,532hr
Lot Associate $9.18/hr
Paint Sales Associate $10.77/hr
Specialty Sales Associate $12.58/hr
Freight Team Associate $10.29/hr
Department Manager $16.69/hr
Sales Associate – Seasonal Lawn and Garden $10.47/hr
Specialty Department Supervisor $16.89/hr


Company is providing lots of benefits to their employees besides salary such as

  1. Home Depot is providing 401k Plan of Insurance for employees.
  2. Company is providing a facility of paid time off and vacation. The more years you are working with company the more you will get paid in return.
  3. Employees also get various Health and treatment facilities along with health insurance

Tips for the Interview

  1. You must have done a research about company before going for interview
  2. You must have an appropriate answer of why you are selecting Home Depot for employment.
  3. Try to maintain an eye contact with interviewer with a smile on your face to show that you have lively attitude.
  4. If you are not having any experience in customer service then try to relate your other experiences with Job.
  5. Be punctual, try to reach on time otherwise you will be considered as lazy and careless person.
  6. On completion of interview drop an Email of thanks to interviewer to avail this opportunity.
  7. In interview appearance matters a lot so try to wear casual dressing with clean haircut and hair style.
  8. Never smoke before or after interview.
  9. You should bring your resume with you along with paper and pen to note down points.