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McDonald’s initially obtained a trademark for its name in 1961 but in 1961 it revised its decision and then adopted the overlapping M logo.

Most McDonald’s locations provide the regular counter service as well as the drive-through service, with indoor seating and typically outside seating. The Drive-Thru, Auto-Mac, Pay and propel, or “McDrive” concepts have become very popular in many countries because it offers a single step purchase procedure at the restaurant. This mode of buying food at the restaurant first introduced in Arizona in 1975. In several areas of its operations, the “McDrive” locations are close to highways and they provide no seating. In distinction, locations in highly populated neighborhoods usually omit drive-through service.

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Working at MacDonald’s is fulfilling. Whether as a back end staff, waiter or drive thru vendor, you contribute to the company that serves thousands of hot meals to its patrons every day. Mac encourages career progression; endowing hardworking staff with the potential to grow and take up more responsible positions in the firm.