Family Dollar is a U.S. based chain of stores which presents a variety of items in its outlets. This company has opened its outlets at more than 8000 different locations and has a head quarter located in North Carolina, U.S. The company currently has about 1500 employees who work hard in order to ensure the safe and convenient availability of all products and services to its customers. This company came into being in the year 1959 and has been able to maintain its status of reliability and quality since then. Some of the products presented under its roof are clothing goods, food items, house hold equipment and many more.

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Interviewing Process:

The interested candidates are called for the interview after submission of application and short listing procedure. The candidates may have to go through a series of interviews or a single interview depending upon the technical aspects as well as other job features and significance of role played during this job.

Expected Questions During The Interview Process:

Some of the questions that are expected during an interviewing process at this company are mentioned in the list given as under:

  1. What is the time period for which you are planning to stay and work here at Family Dollar store?
  2. What is the reason of customers’ likeliness towards this store and why do they prefer to ome back here?
  3. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?
  4. How would you handle an angry customer?
  5. What are your major strengths and weaknesses?
  6. Will you be available during extra hours or off timings in case if other staff is not available for working?
  7. Do you have a way of transportation to reach the company outlet in time?
  8. How would you handle a case in which you catch a team member stealing from the shelves?

Life As A Family Dollar Employee:

To present a better view of life as a Family Dollar employee, one of the employees was interviewed regarding her experiences at this company. Some of the interview questions along with their answers are given below:

  1. What is your job at this company and what are the added responsibilities in this job?

Answer: I work as a cashier and additional tasks include stocking items in different shelves. I keep the store clean and hygienic so that customers may find it attractive. I also greet customers and make bills for them in case if the store gets crowded.

  1. What do you think about the surrounding environment in which you work?

Answer: Everyone is nice at work. I think the main thing that makes the environment worth working is the variety if customers who visit store. you have to be prepared for any kind of challenge and greet all kinds of customers who are located in the surrounding area.

  1. Describe the hiring procedure of this company. How did you submit the application and went through the interview?

Answer: I was nervous during the interview but the overall process was simple. They hire the people who have professional dressing and are honest and interested in working at this job position.