About Company

Citi Trends procurers source the world for quality latest trend pieces at spectacular cost to supply to its customers. The selling of regular discounted-products has Citi Trends well positioned for continual development and profitability.

How To Apply?

To apply for this job, you should have the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree or experience in equivalence.
  • Have a flair for analysis and troubleshooting
  • Must be able to work as part of a team

The Application Process:

Details of employment can be found at:


To apply for a job,

  • Select a position and click Find locations
  • Click a position to view its details and then click Locations to find where that position is available.
  • Select state and find or type zip code, select radius and Click find
  • On the resulting page check the position you want and click Submit
  • Login or sign up to continue your application


You can count on Citi Trends for your next career lease as you will be welcomed with a dynamic environment and great pay to suit your qualifications. The company offers numerous incentives and monetary bonuses for varied programs and there are possibilities for a bonus’ per year. You will not be subjected to a hefty workload but rather flexible office hours, shorter work week hours, friendly environment to carry out your work.