Everyone has a desire to get a competitive amount of salary for the job one applies. You have to appear in an interview for the job which decides about your selection for the job. During the interview, the person who is taking your interview also discusses with you about the salary you may want and you may get. This question is always revolving in your mind as well because when you think you are qualified for the job, you may consider the salary not to be enough which is told by your interviewer. In that case, you can negotiate with him for your salary and there are few techniques which can be used for that purpose.


Before going for the interview, you should do some research to know what is the average salary companies are paying regarding the field in which you want to work. A research about the particular company where you have applied, is also necessary. If you know about the company that what salaries it is paying to its employees and the other companies as well, you will be able to negotiate for your salary in a more confident way.

Always Wait For The Interviewer To Start

You should not start the discussion about the salary yourself. It would not create a good impression as it reflects that you are only interested in the pay and you do not care about serving the company to give it a better output. Moreover, if recruiter straightaway asks you about the salary, you should change the topic in a reasonable manner to show him that you give more priority to know about the company, its culture and the job.

When An Offer Is Made

You must wait until an offer is made by the recruiter and after that it is the best time to have a negotiation about your salary. It usually happens that discussion about the salary requirements of the interviewee is done before the making of the actual offer. You can discuss your salary requirement without hesitation and after negotiation you can compromise on a figure

Acceptance Of The Offer

When you accept an offer made by the interviewer, you should then not further negotiate on that as it will not be a good thing to discuss about an initially accepted salary offer.

Ask For Some Time

You must not negotiate further but you can ask for some time to think about it. You will definitely need some time for taking a decision and it is a big decision for you to accept a job when you are not sure that whether it will give you an enough amount of income or not. When you ask for the time to think over it, recruiter will also think that you are considering the job seriously as you are really giving time to have a thought over an important thing.

Negotiate For More Amount

You should tell a higher amount of salary when you are asked about your requirement so that in the negotiation, you can compromise at the salary which is near to your desired one.

Do Not Argue

You should stop arguing over the salary when you think that you will not be able to negotiate further and you can even lose that job due to this negotiation. It is necessary to stop when you do not have any other job and you are not in a position to lose the job.

Make You’re Worth Of It

When you think that you are being offered what you deserve, you can exhibit your talent and skills to make recruiter realize that you are worth more than he is considering you.