IGA combined the independent grocers to make an alliance in 1926 in United States. The concept behind making this alliance was to make a strong chain of the family owned local stores so that it can be made competitive in the market. The head quarter of IGA is in Chicago and it has been operating in 46 states of the country and over 30 countries in the world through its 5000 stores.

How to Apply for the Job?

  • To apply for any job at IGA, you can visit a nearest IGA store to you as there is no option provided by IGA to apply for the employment online.
  • On the  page you can search jobs by filling some information like enter region, city, department, postiona nd type of job to get job results.
  • Or you can see the position available for job here on the page, click on the link for the job for that you want to apply.
  • Read job description and see three option below to apply for.
  • You can choose option to submit your resume via online, fax and email service.
  • If you want to apply online then fill the form by entering these details.
  • You name, email address, phone number, postal code and attach your resume.
  • Add about yourself in the box if you want write click on the button “Submit”

Job Positions:

IGA allows the applicants to come and apply for different positions according to their requirements and qualifications.

  • Department Positions
  • Front End Cashier
  • Grocery Clerk
  • Sales Associate
  • Management Positions
  • Department Manager
  • Customer Service / Front End Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager


Salaries of the employees vary with their positions. A cashier or a grocery clerk  may start at the minimum wage which can be increased with the experience.

  • Cashier earns an average between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour.
  • Salary of the clerk is usually between $9.00 and $10.00 an hour.
  • Salaries of the employees at management positions get annually which is around $50,000 for a store manager and $35,000 for assistant manager.

Other Benefits:

IGA pays its employees a satisfactory amount of salary which is enough compensation if their duties and responsibilities are seen. The salary of the employees also depends on the experience they have got. Those with a good past experience gets are compensated more than those who do not have any earlier experience. But the salary is not the only compensation these employees are getting but also there are benefits which are appealing to anyone. These benefits include;

  • Discounts on the products
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Vacations which are paid
  • Insurance plans
  • Assistance Programs
  • Sick Leave and
  • Other health care benefits. All of these benefits accompanied with the salary of the employee make a good compensation plan for him to work.

Important Things to Remember for an Employee:

  • IGA employees have to do their jobs in flexible work shifts and overtime as well whenever required.
  • Those employees who have a behavior to tolerate the customers who do not have a calm and good attitude can be successful. They must have the ability to handle a number of customers at a time and resolve the issues of their customers if any.
  • Behaving well the co-workers and maintaining a good relationship with them is necessary to be remained at the job.
  • Although it is a store job but you need to be professional and policies of the company should be followed and there is a dress code which needs to be followed as well.

Refer Links:

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