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Life in jetblue is all about inspiration. It is mission and aim of the company to inspire people who are connected with either they are getting services or working with them. Jetblue is full of people who are passionate and have ambition to bring change in people’s life with their innovative ideas that they share with the company. Through their online career portal company is providing meaningful career opportunities that are looking for good jobs. Crewmembers are inspiring other people to join this company when they look satisfied with their jobs.

Why To Join JetBlue?

Jetblue believes that its Team shapes their culture that inspires others. Company is providing safety, care, urge, fun environment and uprightness to its employees. Jetblue embrace diversity and integrity is one the biggest element that they give to the people working with them. The culture is most important thing that inspires new people who want to join them. Everyone likes to get a job at interesting place where they can get good salary and all facilities. As company cares about its people that why it is providing all benefits to them.

Explore Career Area:

If you are ready to become a part of this company then you should first know about what you actually want to do.

  • Airport
  • Customer Service Center
  • Inflight
  • Pilot
  • Corporate
  • System Operation
  • Technical Operation

How To Apply For Job Online?

  • Join company by viewing all available job by accessing this page .
  • On the page see the heading “Search Jobs” and search form to define your desire job to apply for.
  • Enter location code, position type, area of interest, date of post, keyword or Job ID.
  • Alternative you can see Career option from the main menu where you can see all career areas to choose.
  • Click on the button “Search” to get the results of available jobs here.
  • Get search results on the next page and get links of all jobs that are available to apply here.
  • Click on the job link and get job details like title of job, basic qualification required, applying criteria and other important information.
  • Click on the button “Apply Now” to start your application.
  • If you are returning customer then enter your email address and password and press the button “Login”.
  • To create new account click on the link “Create A New Account”.
  • Fill form and add your personal and contact information to get your online account.
  • Submit your resume after making your account.

Application Process:

Check your email or your mailbox either you have received interview letter or not. Company will send interview letter to all eligible candidates after two week.

Important Interview Questions:

Here you can review important interview questions that JetBlue HR department will as you at time of interview. They will ask you question related to your skills and field. If you are going to apply for customer service then all question will be related to this department.

  1. What you actually like and dislike about your current job?
  2. What is your availability?
  3. Any Superstar moment in your customer service career?
  4. Had you ever frustrated with your work? What did you do
  5. Had you ever fixed any technical fault in stressful time?
  6. Three things that inspired you about us
  7. Had you ever faced unrealistic demand by any customer? What did you do
  8. Three qualities that describe your best for this post
  9. What is CFR regulation?
  10. What you think that you are right one for this job?

Salary Review:

Find salary review of jetblue employee who are satisfyingly working here.

Job ListPer Hour Salaries
Airport Operations Crew Member$13.80
Flight Attendant$26.41
Ground Operations$13.62
Reservations Agent$9.69
Customer Service$12.37
Ramp Agent$12.33
Bilingual Reservations Agent$10.64
JetBlue Reservations$10.38

Employees Review:

By working here get flexible hours of working and paid vacations. Company is offering 20% off for all services to its employees and their families. Employees are enjoying health insurance and dental insurance at good rates.

  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Retirement Plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Gym Membership