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The candidates who want to apply for the job opportunities at this company can visit the official web portal of this company and follow the steps which are mentioned as under:

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  1. Visit the website where this company presents a number of job opportunities at this company which is mentioned below.
  2. This link leads the customers to the web page where you can view different jobs in retail management sector. You can also have a look at different job opportunities in other departments such as supply chain, home services, call centers, merchandising, corporate etc.
  3. Read the summary related to retail management. There are two types of jobs offered in this sector which are:
    1. Store managers
    2. Assistant store managers
  4. Click the button “Apply now” to submit an application online for this job opportunity and have a chance to get selected for the interviewing procedure.
  5. On this web page, you can search for a job according to your requirements by selecting keywords of the job position, requisition number, location where you want to work and category of jobs in which it is presented.
  6. If you wish to view the available options that are associated with the specified criteria only, check the statement which is given in this window pane having a title “Job search”.
  7. You can also view different guide lines related to tips and tricks of searching for the jobs and other advanced searching options at bottom left side of this web page.
  8. Candidates can also have a look at the jobs that they have added in their cart by clicking the “View job cart” button. The number indicated in brackets shows the number of jobs that are added in this cart.
  9. Specify the number of results that you want to view per unit web page.
  10. If you want to have a look at your registered account on this website, click the button “View my account”.
  11. For submitting your resume click the option “Submit resume”. This is the third option in the main menu of this window pane. Browse through your computer files and select and upload your resume document.
  12. You can click the “Search” button given at the bottom right side of this web page in order to submit these results and search for the job openings.
  13. You can also “Reset” this search by clicking the respective button at lower right side of this web page.

For viewing the status of already submitted applications, you can sign in to your account by clicking the respective button and entering your account details at any time.

Roles and responsibilities:

Store managers are responsible for smooth functioning of the company outlet. They keep a check on other team members and get reports from them regarding their duties and schedules. The store managers also make sure that all the items are placed properly in the store and are available for the customers.

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