Wendy’s cashiers have a duty of receiving cash payments from the customers, making bills for them and adding the records in the cash registers. A cashier machine is used for this purpose. Some of responsibilities which are handed over to the cashiers are listed in the sequence given below:

  1. Welcoming the customers to the Wendy’s outlet
  2. Entering the records of their orders in the registers and keeping the registered records functional and operational
  3. In some of the outlets, Wendy’s cashiers are also responsible for preparing food items and performing different duties such as handing over the food items, making and providing the bills to customers and performing tasks within the outlets
  4. Demonstration of the problems that customers are having and cleaning different assigned places in order to keep the outlet clean and hygienic enough
  5. Cleaning the tables and sitting areas of customers, cleaning the carpeted areas and the cooking utensils used during the preparation of food items
  6. Stocking napkins for the customers so that these napkins may be presented along with the trays of food items
  7. At some outlets, where the number of crew members is not big enough, cashiers are needed to provide assistance in opening and closing the outlets in order to start working

Salary Details And Package Deals:

In general, Wendy’s cashiers earn about 8 to 9 U.S. Dollars per unit hour but the pay scale rises in case of gradual increase in the level of experience. The pay may increase up to 11 to 12 U.S. Dollars per unit hour. Some of the benefits that are provided to the cashiers are:

  1. Getting paid off timings on regular basis from the higher authorities
  2. 401 benefits
  3. life insurance programs offered by the company
  4. health insurance and medical plans etc
  5. discount on food items for all the employees and getting promotional deals
  6. Free on-job training facilities

Interview From A Wendy’s Cashier:

In order to have a better view on the life of a cashier at Wendy’s, one of the cashiers was asked a frew questions which are given below along with the answers:

  1. How would you define the environment of the place where you work?

Answer: I would say that it is not that bad. The kitchen gets really hot during the lunch preparation timings because of the stove and all and you have that fast food smell all over your body after getting back.

  1. What is your best experience during the past few days while working?

Answer: The supervisor is very friendly and makes it easy for all the crew members to work as team and coordinate with each other to make different fast food items. This is because for most of the people, this job is temporary and they will soon be going to soon after summer or after the end of their vacations.

  1. What were you asked in the interview during the hiring procedure?

Answer: I filled an application form and submitted it by hand. All the questions in the application form were very simple. Then I was called for the interview and they asked me a few questions related to my availability and past experience.

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