Wendy’s crew members have a number of tasks and responsibilities during one shift. You can apply for this job using two different methods which are:

  1. Online web portal
  2. Posting the job application and handing it over directly to the higher management at Wendy’s

Roles And Responsibilities:

Some of the duties that are assigned to the crew members are given in the sequence, which are mentioned below:

  1. Assisting the customers when they make their orders and preparation of food items for them
  2. Counting the number of orders made by the customers during day or night shifts and making a record of these orders in the registers
  3. Answering the customers in drive thru window outlets of Wendy’s
  4. Cleaning different areas of the outlets including kitchen, sitting areas, washing dishes and keeping the food items at clean places for the cooks to use these items
  5. Ensuring the availability of best possible services for all the customers at these outlets

Salary Packages For Hourly Working:

The salary for Wendy’s employees is decided on the basis of the duties which are assigned to him, the level of experience that he has and the working hours for which he is available. Some of the benefits provided by the Wendy’s outlets to its crew members are given in the bullet points mentioned below:

  1. Financial facilities and advantages such as insurance of different assets
  2. Different health care facilities such as dental checkups, vision related medical coverage, basic life insurance and health insurance etc
  3. The retirement plans and packages and specific number of vacations on which the employee gets paid

General Application Form Questions:

Some of the questions which are asked in the crew application form of Wendy’s is given in the sequence mentioned below:

  1. Choose a location where you want to work.
  2. Provide your personal details including your name, location, contact number, email ID, postal address, ZIP code etc.
  3. Will you be available on regular basis or not?
  4. Select the option “Yes” in case if you are 16 years old or have a greater age than that.
  5. You can apply for a work permit in case if you have an age of 18 years or greater.
  6. What made you apply for the job as a crew member here at Wendy’s?
  7. Discuss your past experience of working as a crew member. Also tell us about the dates and positions on which you worked here.
  8. Do you have any relatives employed here?
  9. Will you be able to lift heavy loads up to 40 pounds?

You can also look for a location of your choice by searching for the job opening of a crew member using the online Dav Co portal. In addition to the cr3ew members, this portal also offers job openings for the management team and other higher authorizes. For any questions or any information regarding the company, click the “Contact us” button and open the contact information given in this section in order to call the official staff members and ask them the questions that you have in your mind.