Congratulations! At last, you’re free from almost all the legal restrictions concerning the type of job, work hours and schedule that you used to have when you were younger.

Now, you probably feel the need to become more responsible and mindful when choosing an employer. Even if you’ve never considered the way your work affects your future career, this is the moment this aspect may start playing a significant role in your choice.

Jobs for 18-Year-Olds Earn More Than Expected

That’s why you may consider an internship. While landing your first internships with zero connections will require some effort on your side, it can still be one of the most promising routes to take. But for now, let’s focus on the jobs that bring quick cash. You can find dozens of options with the help of platforms like Glassdoor or

eCommerce associate

Under this name, retailers usually mean the person who packs and delivers online orders. Depending on the company, you may get a rather convenient schedule (often, you can work your own hours). There are also a couple of important features one needs to possess, including communication skills and attention to detail.

Restaurant host/hostess

Restaurant host hostess

It’s the cleanest and most glamorous type of job available in restaurants. You’ll be the person who greets people when they come into the restaurant, possibly chats with them about the weather, and takes them to their table.

While looks matters, you’ll also need to know how to deal with some truly nasty people and stay energetic and cheerful while handling a busy environment. Around 75% of hostesses and hosts work part-time.

Ride operator

While working in an amusement park may sound like one of the most fun things to do, you’ll have to be very responsible and attentive to detail and keep the environment safe.

Coffee barista

Coffee barista job

After the rush hour, there come comparatively slow periods when you can enjoy chatting with coworkers. Before you start working with the coffee machine, you may have to spend some time running the cash register.

Teaching English online

Teaching English online

If you’re a native speaker, it means that you already possess a valuable skill many people around the world would like to learn from you. While most online platforms suppose one-on-one or small group (from two to six students) teaching, others have a live streaming feature, which allows teachers to broadcast to a large group of audiences.

By the way, many websites and apps don’t only give you a chance to find online students, but also to give local lessons. If you need an idea of how this works, try Preply or English Tutors Live.

Valet parking attendant

Valet parking attendant

If you’re customer service friendly, enjoy driving, being outside and working on feet, you may consider part-time of full-time job of valet parking attendant. Here, you’ll greet and assist visitors, park their vehicle, and on the whole, have to be visible for customers.

Youth sports referee

Youth sports referee job

Do you have the relevant training and certification? If you don’t, consider entry-level certification – for many types of sports, it only takes a day-long program.

Pay starts at $25-$35 for a game depending on the sport, location, and age. A teen referee may schedule more than one game in a day or weekend. The demand for referees has been growing recently, especially during the summer months.

Construction worker

Labor-intensive jobs for teens usually bring in more cash than easier ones. New construction workers in most areas earn $15 to $20 per hour, with the possibility to make more over time.

Freelance opportunities

Having to spend a lot of time building up your reputation is one of the many obstacles to working as a freelancer. And yet, as a part-time job, it can be worth it. Also, a freelance gig can eventually turn into a permanent job.

Look for jobs/skills where there’s a large supply and demand gap. For instance, technical talents are in demand today. To be more precise, for one software developer or Java developer, there’re five jobs available. Taking into consideration this fact, you may discover that potential employers aren’t that selective and wouldn’t mind your young age or lack of certification provided you can do the task correctly.

Other jobs or projects you may quickly find online include transcriptionist, working as a chat host, testing video games, carrying out Internet research, etc.

Front desk receptionist at a spa or hotel

Front desk receptionist at a spa or hotel

Are you lucky to have a sunny smile? Excellent people skills are a must as sometimes you’ll have to deal with dissatisfied clients or just clients who happen to be in an awful mood. On a more positive side, in addition to the salary, you’ll probably get discounts on the services your spa or hotel has to offer.

Retail sales associate/retail salesperson

Retail sales associate retail salesperson

At this position, you’ll probably work for retailers selling apparel, jewelry items, office supplies, and sporting goods. Apart from professional appearance, you’ll need a positive attitude and focus on customer satisfaction no matter whether you like the customers or not, as well as the ability to work on foot. Expect discounts on the products you sell.


Dishwasher job

Hate spending much time with people? The dishwasher is a solo position where you may focus on your thoughts and what you’re doing, although you will have to say a couple of words to the busser now and then.


Photography job

The ways to promote yourself as a photographer depend on your favorite theme:

  • fashion: photos of yourself, friends or models can be posted in your personal fashion blog or website, as well as a platform like or Chictopia.
  • nature (especially if you happen to live in a place known for its wildlife and scenery)
  • photojournalism. If you can tell a story in a single photo, you might be interested in taking photos of newsworthy events to sell to newspapers.
  • portrait: you’ll see a lot of people who want to have their photos professionally taken and edited. You may need to team up with a fashion and make up professional and choose a studio with backgrounds that show off the person.

The list of the most popular specializations for a photographer also includes travel, weddings, etc.

Housekeeping services

Housekeeping services

While every homeowner needs cleaning done, not all of them have enough time for this. People hate watching the dishes piling up, the bookshelves growing dustier and dustier, the floors getting dirtier and dirtier. While there’re websites that connect customers with people willing to help, you may also be able to find clients by just asking people in your neighborhood or putting your flyers in mailboxes.

Your responsibilities may include backpack vacuuming, cleaning floors, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. While some people need just a one-time help, others will be interested in a recurring cleaning service.

More idea$

  • library page/shelver/assistant – if you’re organized and love books, look for a job in your local library. The pay rate starts from $14 an hour.
  • nanny/babysitter (if you can’t find a decent offer in your neighborhood, Sittercity can be a good option)
  • pet groomer (you’ll need training and licensing)
  • working with data entry
  • waiter/cook
  • editorial internship
  • doing tasks (try Taskrabbit) for options)
  • zoo assistant
  • assistant hairdresser
  • gift wrapper
  • graphic designer

Pro Tip: Use Google search to find other jobs in your area typing the name of the job in question into the search box.