• Company Overview and Summary
  • Applying Online and in Person
  • Instructions for Applying Using the Internet
  • Who They’re Looking for

Company Overview and Summary

Pizza Hut is a restaurant chain and franchised owned by the American company Yum! Brands. This parent corporation is the largest restaurant-owning company in the world. Menu items at Pizza Hut include a variety of pizzas that come with a number of toppings, cheeses, sauces, and crust types; salads; side items such as Buffalo wings breadsticks, and garlic bread; pasta; and Buffalo wings. There are more than 6,000 locations within the United States, and nearly that many in international venues, totaling ninety four countries and territories where the brand has a presence. The company employs more than 140,000 people within this brand, at levels from pizza maker to corporate executive.

History of the Business

The restaurant chain was founded in the late 1950s by two brothers named Dan and Frank Carney. They partnered with a man named John Bender to open the first location in their hometown in Kansas. Shortly afterward the partners began franchising locations, and brand recognition began to spread. Layout over the years had developed to include dine in locations, carry out and delivery locations, and hybrids that include elements of all three. Some locations also offer buffets or a “bistro” type of atmosphere that is more upscale with a more diversified menu. As the brand has expanded throughout America and into overseas territory, countries such as Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and locations in Southeast Asia have welcomed Pizza Hut to their regions.

Fact About Company:

Services Restaurant & Pizza Provider
Total Locations More Than 11k
Established In 1958
Main Office Plano, TX
Founder Scott Bergren
Total Revenue ( Confidential)

Applying Online and in Person

Using The Internet

People interested in pursuing a career with the company can do so by visiting the website at main site of the company given at the page. There is a career link that will direct you to the job website where you can learn about career options and apply to various positions. Note that you are required to have access to a computer and the internet in order to utilize this method. You will need to have continued access as well if you hope to log back in later and check on your application.

Visiting A Store In Person

If you do not own a computer or do not have reliable internet access, you may choose to apply in person instead. Look up surrounding Pizza Huts and visit each address. Upon arriving, ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. He or she may ask you some questions and give you a paper application to fill out. On this piece of paper, write down information such as your employment history, highest attained education level, and any industry-specific skills. If you have these details prepared the process will go more smoothly. The supervisor or manager may even conduct a full interview right then, so come prepared!

Instructions for Applying Using the Internet

  • Click on “Apply Online” at this page by moving up to the page.
  • On the page see the three buttons for different categories and you can click on any button marked as “View Opportunity” and on next page see the opportunities and choose the post and next click on “Apply Now” button
  • Alternatively you can go for search; you will be able to see all the results on the next page. All positions will be listed with the requisition number, job title, and location. Browse your options and click on any that you believe match your skills and experience. Read over the full job description – this includes position summary, qualifications, other requirements, and responsibilities. Note how old you must be to qualify as well. If you think the job is a good match, you may proceed to apply.
  • After this point you will not be able to continue without entering in a username and password. If you do not have them, click to register for an account. Once you have done so, follow the remaining instructions on the web page to fill out all your credentials and submit your application.

Once You’ve Applied

When you are finished applying, simply wait for someone to call you. If you think of a different position you would like to apply for later, you can always log back in and submit an application for an alternate job as well. If someone does call you, he or she will most likely ask for you to come in and interview. If you pass this stage you may also need to submit to a background check or drug test before being offered a position.

Who They’re Looking For

Pizza Hut seeks to hire motivated, dedicated, hardworking individuals who will bring a good attitude to the team and contribute to the company’s overall success. In addition to showing them your personal strengths, you should strive to indicate through your application and interviews that you have a strong knowledge of the position and relevant experience and skills that will make you a successful employee.

Age Limitations

Regardless of the minimum age your state allows by law, you must be at least sixteen to work at Pizza Hut. This is for the lowest level jobs, such as being a team member in a store location. To work in management you must be eighteen, and to work at the corporate level you may need to be even older. It depends on the specific requirements that come with each position. Make sure to read over everything carefully to verify that you qualify before submitting an application.

Job Seekers Overview:

Employees 140,000
Current Opportunities 24259 different posts
Apply Now
Awards For Employee Not Yet
Enhancement On Application N/A
Get Response (Avg Time) Not Declared
Official Site


Finances And Key Leaders

Scott Bergren is the current president and David C. Novak is the current chairman. The restaurant chain is owned by Yum! Brands that ,has experienced revenues of $12 billion in 2011. Operating income for the same year was just shy of $2 billion, net income was $1.3 billion, assets were $8.8 billion, and total equity was $1.8 billion.