If you want to build your strong career then KFC is ready to strengthen your career aims. Company is providing an offer to start your career and people who join them can get a chance for growing their career. KFC is one the famous fast food brand in American that has many restaurants at different location to serve their guests. Company has hard working team that is dedicating its time and hard work to make happy all customers but new people can also get chance for joining this team to experience new skills.

Why To Join KFC?

KFC is here to share your passion about fast food. If you love fast food and want to dedicate your services for it then you are welcomed here for job. This restaurant is offering you great career opportunities to start you career with amazing working place where you will find fun working environment at its more than 1,500 restaurants. You can apply here for jobs online by accessing online job portal or you can submit your job application at your local restaurant location. KFC is offering part time and full time jobs here. Here you can find a way to apply here for job.

Explore Career Area:

It is important to know for every candidate before applying for job to any company is to check the career area to know either company keeps are place for you or not.

How To Apply Here For Jobs?

  • To find jobs here click on the link https://jobs.kfc.com/search jobs here online.
  • After that see the search bar where you can enter details like keyword, job category, state and city.
  • Enter the button “Search” and next on the page you will see the available jobs at the company.
  • You can choose the any job link by seeing the address of the restaurant that is near to your location to check the other details.
  • Next after reading job details click on the button “Apply Now”.
  • Next you can find details about job description and after viewing these details click on the button “begin Application”.
  • After that you will be navigated to the page where you can login into your account if you are already registered user here. If you are new here then first create your online profile by attaching your resume and other details to complete the applying process.

Application Process:

HR department of KFC will check all application for different job categories by the different candidates to select eligible persons to call for the next round of the hiring that is interview session.

Important Interview Questions:

Here you can review important question to prepare you interview exam to give confident answers to the interviewers.

  1. Why did you choose restaurant management
  2. What is important for you people, things or places?
  3. What are you career goals?
  4. What would be you reaction if you will find any co-worker stealing anything from the restaurant?
  5. What is important for any company to get loyalty of its employees?
  6. Are you neat and orderly person?
  7. Do you cooking? What you like to cook?
  8. What is your favorite fast food restaurant name?
  9. Explain cross-contamination.
  10. Why did you choose us?

Salary Review:

KFC is international restaurant that is present at different countries to serve millions of its customers. It is offering good salary packages according to region wages standard where its restaurants are present. KFC is offering competitive salaries to its employees with lots of other incentives. Here you can review annual salary table.

Job List Annual Salaries
Cashier $19,000
Cook $18,000
Shift Supervisor $20,000
Assistant Manager $29,000
Customer Service Associate $20,000
Senior Crew Member $20,000
Shift Manager $20,000
General Manager $36,118
Manager $30,154
Shift Leader $18,000
Restaurant Manager $40,116
Prep Cook $15,000
Customer Service Representative $20,000
Food Preparation Worker $20,000
Supervisor $20,000
Cook/Dishwasher $17,000
Crew Member $17,000
Store Manager $35,000
Lead Cashier $17,000

Employee Benefits:

Company is providing best employee benefit plans for the employee to give them facilitates of life by fulfilling their needs.

  • Free Lunch or Snacks
  • Employee Discount
  • Reduced or Flexible Hours
  • Flexible Spending Account