PetSmart Incorporated is a chain of stores which offers services and products for the well being of pets all over the western part of the world. This company has been able to present its services in different countries such as United States of America, Canada, Puerto Rico etc. The company is privately owned by Jim and Janice Dougherty and has been able to open its outlets at more than 1300 different locations. The company offers its products on retail prices and started working in the year 1986. This company has more than 53000 employees who offer convenient services to its customers.

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Interview Tips For Getting Employment At Petsmart:

In order to have an employment at this company, the interested candidates may apply by submitting an online application form or by submitting a printed application form at the company outlet. The candidates, who are short listed during the application submission procedure, are called for the interviewing process.

Questions Asked During An Interview:

The interviewing procedure may consist of 1 to 3 interviews based on the significance of job. For an entry level job vacancy, you can go through the interviewing procedure which consists of 2 interviews each having a time period of 15 to 30 minutes. Some of the questions that are generally asked during an interview are mentioned below:

  1. Why do you want to work at this company?
  2. Do you like to keep different animals and will you be comfortable in working with animals and pets?
  3. Do you have any previous working experience at any company which offers same type of services and products?
  4. If a customer asks you about some pet or any of the services, how would you answer to his questions?
  5. Also answer the above question in case if you do not know answer to his question.
  6. Demonstrate the way in which you will sell a pet dog to one of the interested customers.
  7. Have you ever handled a tough situation during your working experience which was caused because of a complaining customer or a team member?
  8. Were you able to control the problem and was the customer satisfied enough afterwards?

Interview Of An Experienced Employee:

PetSmart has interviewed an experienced employee in order to present a glimpse of working experience at this company. Some of the questions that were asked from this employee are mentioned as under:

  1. What are your roles and responsibilities in the company outlet?

Answer: I work as a bather at this company and bathe the dogs. I make sure that the area where they are kept is clean. I also maintain their hygiene by clipping their nails and drying them after bath.

  1. How is the environment where you work?

Answer: The environment is loud and noisy because of the noises made by animals. It also becomes messy because of the animals.

  1. Why do you like this job?

Answer: I like this job because I like dogs and taking care of them is the best part of this job.