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Little Caesars is one of the most famous chains of fast food restaurants which offer a variety of pizzas for its customers residing all over the United States of America. This company presents a number of job opportunities for fresh graduates as well as for college students who qualify the criteria of age and have a work permit according to the law of United States. For having this work permit, the U.S. citizens must Have An Age Of 16 Years Or Greater Than That.

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Selection Criteria:

The candidates who apply for entry level jobs at this company must qualify through the following criteria in addition to the age requirement:

  1. Candidates must be available for work off the schedule and should be willing to work for extra number of hours in case if needed. Note that these extra hours are also paid and are not compensated in the hours for which regular hourly salary is offered.
  2. Having a polite behavior with team members and handling different tasks with their help to perform your part as a good team member.
  3. Punctuality while working at the job position.
  4. Performing different tasks efficiently while working alone or as a team member.
  5. Maintain the clean environment of the franchise and keep a hygiene check in different parts of the kitchen.
  6. Preparing different food items and serving these items.
  7. Using different utensils and electronic devices installed in kitchen and being able to perform different tasks that are assigned to you during this job.

Salary Details And Benefits Offered Along With The Entitlement Of Job:

With the entry level jobs, customers can earn up to $50,000 per unit year. This salary increases with the increase of experience. In addition to the salary packages, some of the extra benefits that employees working at this firm can get are:

  1. Registration for the retirement plans
  2. Enrollment for different insurance programs and health care plans
  3. Discount rates for a number of dishes offered in different restaurant outlets
  4. Off timings and flexible working schedules for all the candidates

General Questions Asked During The Interview:

Some of the positions in a team for which all the fresh graduates and college students can apply are given below:

  1. Delivery driver
  2. Cook
  3. Sweeper
  4. Clerk
  5. Stock associate
  6. Cashier and many more

Some of the common interview questions that are asked from the lower staff members are given below:

  1. What are your duties and responsibilities in this company?

Answer: I am a cook and I make different types of pizzas. In addition to this, I have to fill all the pizza boxes and stock the material in storage.

  1. How do you find your working environment?

Answer: All the team members work together like a family and try to help each other out in completing different tasks.

  1. What are your comments regarding the procedure of submitting application and answering questions during the interview?

Answer: I was called for the interview within a few days after submitting the application form. They asked me informal questions like what are my interests, what are my strengths and weaknesses and do I have any job experience. They also ask you regarding your availability in the off timings in the interview.

  1. Were you promoted to some higher rank during your job?

Answer: Yes. My additional task is to take the money to nearby bank since they believe that I am one of their reliable employees. I got a 50 cents increment in my salary for each working hour.