Payless ShoeSource is an American retailer which gives its customers discounts on footwear. The head quarter of Payless ShoeSource is in Topeka, Kanssas. One of the reasons that Payless is known is its Pro wings line of sneakers at discount which did not have laces rather Velcro straps.

Payless is offering different jobs at the entry level as well as for experienced workers. One of the entry level job positions include Sales Associate. Most of the sales associates at Payless begin working as a part timer as these positions are available on a regular basis. Depending on the performance, full time jobs for the sales associates are also offered so by applying for sales associate at Payless and getting the job and performing at a satisfactory level will secure your job later.

How to apply for Job:

If you are interest in the job of Sales associate at Payless ShoeSource, you can apply for it online by visiting the website of Payless ShoeSource which is given bellow and open the careers portal. You can find the sales associate job in the “Retail Opportunities” option. Both part time and full time Sales associates job are available, you can open any of them and read the details about the job and the qualification requirement. If you want to apply for that you may click on “Apply” or you can click on “Save Job” to come back some other time and apply for it.

Duties of a Sales Associate:

An associate needs to be at sales floor of the Payless ShoeSource and interact with the customers and assistance in the sales is one of the major duties of the Sales Associate which he is required to perform. There might be some other responsibilities like answering the telephone calls, bring the shoes from shelves and areas of back storage. As Sales Associate will always have an interaction with the customers, so a requirement which is must will be that the behavior of the employees should be of such kind which would be attractive to the customers. A friendly attitude from the employees always benefits the company by creating the good relationships with the customers.

Applicants with some knowledge about shoes and their sizes will have better chance over the others of getting the job and this knowledge will also help them in the job as they will not have to move to the colleagues again and again to ask questions and will be confident enough to do the work and handle the customers at their own.

Salary and Benefits:

Mostly the sales associates are the entry level jobs therefore they get maximum pay up to $10.00 per hour which depends on any past experience otherwise new workers without any experience begin at the minimum wage level. The performance of the sales associates and their experience can make them reach upper positions like store manager or assistant manager and these positions will make them able to get better pay per hour or may be annual salaries with better some other better benefits than those which might be obtained as a sales associate.

The benefits which a sales associate can get other than the pay he is taking are;

  • Discounts on the products of the Payless ShoeSource.
  • They can an access to the career development programs.
  • They can make their working schedules flexible if they have any issue,
  • Health and medical benefits will also be a part.
  • Paid vacations are also given to the employees with some experience.

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