At Burger King, cashiers are hired in order to help the customers check out of the Burger King outlets, make receipts for them and get the money from them in order to add this money to the cash register. You can apply for this job using the official web portal of Burger King where different job opportunities are offered.

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Roles And Responsibilities:

Some of the responsibilities and duties that are handed over to the cashiers during their working hours are given as under:

  1. Skills of handling a personal computer for making different records related to the payment that customers make.
  2. Receiving complaints from the customers and adding them to the registers in order to make it noticeable for the higher authorities.
  3. The basic mathematical knowledge such as addition, subtraction etc of cashiers is also considered in some cases. This knowledge is important in case if customers have to handle all the payments without the help of computer in case of emergency.
  4. The cashiers may also be responsible for answering any queries that customers have and responding to the recommendations they make in order to improve the policies of the Burger King outlets.
  5. Training of other cashiers and reporting the managers about the daily work.
  6. Coordinate with other team members to have a close connection with other people in the crew of Burger King.

Details Of Salary Packages:

Burger King Cashiers can work for part time as well as full time or permanent basis. The normal working hours for a cahier is 15 to 20 hours per unit week. The starting salary of a cashier is 10 U.S. Dollars which may increase with the gradual increase in level of experience that the cashiers gain with time. Some of the facilities provided to the cashiers are given below:

  1. The benefits of employment such as medical plans, health care facilities, retirement plans etc are given to all the employees of Burger King. Note that these benefits may vary according to the variation of facilities at different locations all over the world.
  2. Cashiers have a choice of arranging their working hours in a way which complements their daily routine.
  3. Discount rates for different meals and getting promotional offers for food items offered at these outlets.

Common Questions Asked In The Entrance Level Interview:

During the hiring procedure, cashiers are generally asked simple and straight forward questions. Some of these questions are given below:

  1. Introduce yourself and tell us something about your past experience as a cashier.
  2. How many hours can you work on average?
  3. What are your educational qualifications?
  4. Describe yourself/ your strengths and weaknesses?

Most of the times, the interviewee is hired on the spot after the medical and drug checkup. The interviewees complete paper work immediately after completing the interview and start working. General image of the Burger King outlets is that they hire cashiers on instant basis but can fire them at any point in case if the cashiers are not performing well.