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Neiman Marcus is famous American luxury product department store. It’s headquarter is situated in Dallas, Texas. Company is managing its departments store at more than 42 locations in United State America. Neiman Marcus is also running Bergdorf Goodman department store to retail luxury products at stores as well as online via online website. Customers can find top brands products at its stores with affordable prices. It is merchandizing and providing excellent services to the customers who trust this company by connecting as a family. If you want to be a part of this company then you should apply here for job.

Why To Join Neiman Marcus?

Neiman Marcus is leading the group and providing best services to the customers. People her are far more than employees. The success of the company is all the result of its people handwork and talent. It employees are trendsetter to create a competitive culture for the company. You can get best career building opportunity by working here. Company is looking for talented excellence and the people who want to serve people with innovative way. People can get chances here for showing their talent to implement their ideas here.

Explore Career Areas:

At this company you can select your career area. Company is offering your diverse job offers that are mentioned here.

  • Corporate
  • Retails Jobs
  • Internship
  • Executive development Plan
  • Work From Home

How To Apply Job Online?

  • Use this link to get the job at this company.
  • On this webpage, you can click on the link at the top of the page, “Job Search” and get the page where you can enter your job requirements.
  • Enter your keyword, job category, date posted, facility location and click on the button “Search”.
  • Next you will see the job links that are available t apply for.
  • Next you can read the job requirements and other information.
  • Press the button “Apply Now” on reading the information.
  • Login to your account by entering your email address and password.
  • If you are already registered then you can login to your account to submit your application.

Application Process:

For getting job here you have to complete the online applying process that is mentioned above. You should have to complete all requirements for the job. If you will follow the full method then you can apply here for the job. Company will contact your after reviewing your application and will call you for interview.

Important Interview Questions

Neiman Marcus interviewer will ask you questions about your past job experiences and some job related questions to judge your skills. Here are some questions that will help you in getting idea for job interview questions.

  1. Describe your three qualities.
  2. Do you want to build your own business?
  3. How would you handle the conflict between sales and sales associates?
  4. What is important for any employee to maintain good position in the company?
  5. What are your future goals in this field?
  6. What if you will get good job offer after a month of joining us?
  7. How can you convince customers to purchase any item here?
  8. Three qualities that should be in salesman?
  9. How can you deal with complicated clients?
  10. What do you think about yourself that you are good for this job?

Salary Review:

Company is providing good wages as well as other advantages for working here. Employees are getting low interest financial and medical benefits. You can also get good retirement plans and paid vacation services.

Job ListAnnual Salary
Customer Service Representative$28,000 
Retail Sales Associate$41,333
Loss Prevention Manager$31,000
Product Specialist$45,000
Sales Representative$40,000
Department Manager$56,000
Personal Shopper$36,000
Business Manager$49,000
Counter Manager$40,000
Sales Specialist$60,000 
Assistant Buyer$40,000
Financial Analyst$70,000
Sales Manager$62,000
Makeup Artist$42,000
Assistant Store Manager$62,000

Employee Benefits:

Here you can check employee benefits that company has provided to the company.

  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Vacations
  • Life Insurance
  • Employee Discount
  • Retirement Plans