99 Cents Only presents its customers to register on the official web page of this company where it offers a number of career opportunities for the job seekers. Job seekers can use this profile to apply for the job opportunities at all the 99 Cents Only stores. You can also locate a specific store to search for vacancies at the store if any.

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Applying For A Job:

You can open the official web page of the careers portal and follow the steps given as under to apply for a job opening of your choice:

  1. Visit the official careers page where this company presents its customers the ability to search for jobs which is mentioned below
  2. On this web page, you can view the listings of employment by clicking the “Employment listings” option in the main menu bar.
  3. In the help portal, you can view a number of options in the left hand side window pane which is given under the title “Home”. These options are:
    1. Corporate careers
    2. Retail careers
    3. Logistics careers
    4. New store positions
    5. Benefits offered by the company
  4. Click the option of your choice to view all the positions under this category.
  5. You can also view all the latest posted jobs in the window pane at right side of the web page having a title “Latest job listings”.
  6. Click the job opening which is given along with the title of the job and location where this job is offered.
  7. View all the summary of job openings and apply by submitting a resume. Click the button “New resume/ CV” to submit your CV.
  8. If you have already submitted your resume, click the button “Existing resume/ CV” and enter your email ID and password. Click the button “Check records”.

You can also create or update your profile in order to apply for different job openings on this website. The job seekers can also read terms and conditions of this company in order to have a better understanding of the rules and regulations of the company. The company also presents a link to its privacy policy to ensure all the job seekers as well as the customers who are providing their information. This policy offers details about the level of security provided by this company related to their information.

Benefits offered to the employees:

Some of the benefits that are offered to the employees of this company along with the salary packages are given below:

  1. Some of the medical plans which are offered to these employees are HMO and PPO plans
  2. Delta Dental are offering DHMO and PPO programs for the dental plans
  3. Vision related programs which are Vision Service Plan (VSP)
  4. Life insurance and accidents related insurance by offering AD&D coverage plans
  5. Insurance facility for disability specifically for people having disabilities for long term
  6. Specific accounts for flexibility of spending money. These accounts are known as Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

In addition to these benefits you can also get discount for a number of products at these stores.

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