Pizza Hut is a famous chain of fast food restaurants which was initially founded in the year 1958 in the United States of America and has been able to open its outlets all over the world. This company presents its customers a variety of pizzas and other fast food items in the casual American styled restaurants. The company was started by PepsiCo and was bought by “Yum! Brands Company” in the year 1997. It believes in the slogan “The flavor of NOW” which points out its ability to bring about latest tastes and flavors in its menu.

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Pizza Hut Careers Portal:

This company has an online portal where it presents a portal to order any pizza from the menu. This website also offers access to the careers corner where job seekers can apply for different posts according to their qualifications. You can follow the steps mentioned below to apply for a career opportunity at this company:

  1. Open the official website where this company presents its customers a link to the latest job openings which is mentioned below
  2. You can search for a job opening using three different options:
    1. Searching for a job by its type
    2. Searching for a job by specifying the location
    3. Searching for a job in accordance with groups
  3. This web page presents two categories of jobs where you can look for a job opportunity:
    1. Restaurant jobs
    2. Corporate jobs

Click on the pictorial representation of the category where you want to work and proceed to the next page.

  1. All the job openings are displayed in the list along with job title and location where this job is offered. You can also short list the careers by specifying the criteria in the navigation bars at top of this list and clicking the “Go” button.
  2. You can also click the “Reset” button to reset the search results.
  3. Click the job title to read its details, location where it is offered and responsibilities handed over to the holder of this position. Click the “Apply now” button to submit a job application online.
  4. Read the details about procedure of application submission and click the button at the top “Begin Application”.
  5. This click opens up a new browsing window where a link to the terms and conditions of the company are given so that applicants may provide their concsent prior to submission of the application form.
  6. Check the statement “I accept” given at the left hand side of this page and click the button “Next” button. To go back, you can click the button having a title “Previous”.
  7. Read the disclosure information in detail and press the “Next” button after checking the “I accept” statement.
  8. You can upload the resume from your personal computer by clicking the “Browse” button and going to the respective folder to upload that file or copy and type the contents of your resume in the provided space. Also enter your c over letter for consideration b y the recruitment team.

You can also provide your additional professional qualifications so that you may get short listed for the job interview.

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