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At office Depot we realize how essential our professionals are to our successful future. Their efforts what they do and the pride in their day to day jobs are rewarded as best of their abilities. We offer best salary packages and benefits. Comprehensive benefits and competitive salaries also includes 401k plan along with plenty of openings to move and grow with in company.

Office Depot is committed in providing equal opportunities of employment to all applicant. All qualified candidates will get consideration for employment without any regard to sex, race, , religion, citizenship, marital status, color, sexual orientation, age, disability and other protected law. So, if you are interested to apply at Office Depot feel free to explore career opportunities today. Access career portal of Office Depot max and find your dream job through its efficient application system which can be used to submit multiple job applications at the same time.

Build your career:

In order to find a job at Office Deport you are required to explore all departments and their vacant positions. Once you have got the job apply for it by following stated below steps of Instructions. Few available posts are given below

  1. Senior Java Application Developer
  2. AS400 Developer
  3. Senior Java Application Developer
  4. Graduate Customer Journey Planner
  5. Business Development Manager (Midlands)
  6. Outbound Sales Executive (3 month contract)
  7. Maintenance Engineer (Multi-skilled)
  8. Territory Sales Executive (Don caster/ Lincolnshire)
  9. New Business Development Executive

How to find a job at Office Max?


  1. You need to have a computer with fast and reliable internet access
  2. You need to have a profile on career web page
  3. Keep your Resume in hand

Step by step Instructions:

  1. First of all you have to open a website of Office Depot career at
  2. Enter a keyword of job in given field of text to define the nature of job.
  3. Enter a category of job in next field which is marked as “Category”
  4. Add your location where you want to do this job and click on button of “Search” which is located on next to location button.
  5. You will be redirected to list of available positions, now you have to select any job according to your choice. Once you have selected the job hit a click on title of job.
  6. Read all detail of job regarding requirements and specification of job. Click on button of “Apply now”
  7. Log in to your profile to submit job application.

Interview Questions:

At the moment you have been shortlisted for any post. Start preparing for interview by reviewing all latest and old questions of relevant post. Few important questions of interview are given below.

  1. Tell us something about yourself?
  2. What do you know about Office Depot?
  3. Give us an example of a choice which you have made to go above and beyond to satisfy customer? What actions did you take and what was the results?
  4. Tell us about the time where you have worked with a team and some people don’t share his or her work? How did you handle it?
  5. What would be your strategy in sales?
  6. What kind of sales experience you are having?
  7. Discuss a time when your integrity was questioned?
  8. What is your ability to deal with team members?
  9. How do you feel about working with clients or customers?
  10. Describe a time where you had to deal with an angry customer?
  11. Do you have any technical experience along with networking?
  12. What were your successes in previous job?
  13. What have you done to motivate a less enthusiastic worker to elevate his performance?
  14. What would you do if any customer wants to buy a product, and product was charged over the advertised price and argue with you that it is not an accurate price?
  15. Name a time when you had to deal with Upset customer, how did you handle the whole situation?
  16. What would be your approach to sell protection plan?
  17. What do you think what makes you perfect candidate?
  18. Can you sell me XYZ product?
  19. Do you have any past selling experience?
  20. What are your desired wages?
  21. Explain a time when you had to lead a team?

Office Depot Annual Salaries

The average office Depot office max annual salary ranges from $15,000 for the post of customer service associate and for Accounts Receivable its $250,000. For more details you are required to follow graph of salaries which is given below.

Job Title Annual Salaries
Customer Service Representative$23,000
Retail Sales Associate$19,000
Business Development Manager$197,625
Store Manager$61,000
Sales Consultant$20,000
Assistant Store Manager$40,000
Department Manager$30,000
Warehouse Worker$25,000
Operations Manager$34,000
Customer Service Associate$20,000
Assistance Manager$40,000
Copy Center Associate$26,000
Sales Representative$20,000
Delivery Specialist$28,800
Operations Supervisor$30,000
Senior Sales Consultant$22,000

Benefits of Office Depot

Company is letting employees to enjoy different allowances and incentives in form of medical allowance, financial assistance, discounts along perks plans. Here a brief list of incentives are given below.

  1. Company is allowing employees to register for 401K PLAN
  2. For aged employees’ pension and retirement programs are offered.
  3. Employee discount plans are initiated to offer discounts on shopping.
  4. Dismemberment insurance plan has introduced by company
  5. Medical leaves are provided to workers along with sick leaves and Maternity off.
  6. Various support program, professional Assistance and tuition assistance is provided to employees to cope with day to day issues
  7. Employees are offered by health, life and vision insurance.

Reviews about Office Depot

Office Depot is a place where it is providing excellent peer culture with fast pace environment. Employees are awarded with great rewards and incentives as mentioned above. It is considered as a great place to explore your career and learn about all latest techniques and knowledge.