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On working with Olive Garden you will become a part of its family. This is not just a phrase but it is more than this they know how to create strong relationship with the employees like a family member. Olive garden expresses its relationship with its Team member and guests by using this word “Hospitaliano!” Company is providing services to its customer to make them feel they are at their home. They are investing their efforts to nutrient their team members to make them comfortable for working because as much they will be comfortable and happy by working this company they will make customers to feel that they are at home.

Our HR department and Administration is working hard to make good plans for the workers to give best working experience here and home like environment. They are giving flexible training service, flexible working schedules, and viable advantages and benefits services. Employee can get chances for applying at higher post on learning more skills to get good post and the company.

You can apply here for job to get pretty good chances to explore what you actually deserve in your career life. Company will motivate your dream with every step of your career life here.

Reconnoiter Your Career Area:

If you are going to fulfill your dreams by applying at Olive Garden Company then you can choose your career area here first.

  • Team Member Opportunities
  • Management Opportunities
  • College Relations
  • Veterans
  • Diversity
  • Darden Support Center

Here you can choose your career area then you can search your job before applying here.

How To Search & Apply?

If you are going to join this company to start your career with them then first search your job here by following this method:

How To Search Job?

  • Use this link and see the career area on the page where you can see the button “Search And Apply” below every career area.
  • Click on the button to search your desire post under this job category.
  • On the next page you will see the link “Search Opening” and next you will see the page where you can see a search form.
  • Enter job type and other details to get exact job results here.
  • You can see the job results where you can see the available job positions, locations, address, city, state and zip code details.

How To Apply ?

  • If you want to apply here for job then you can click on the job link on the page,
  • Read the job description and other details before applying here.
  • You can click on the button “Apply Now”
  • To apply here for job login to your account here.
  • Enter your email address and password and login to submit your resume.
  • You can create your online account here if you want to become register member and apply.

Application Process:

If you have applied in-person for a job then they will response you within two days and if you apply for online HR department will take one week to review all application to response.

Important Interview Questions:

If you are going to give interview to the company then you should be prepared for the question that interviewers are going to ask to you. Here are some questions that will help you in preparing your interview:

  1. Tell about your educational background?
  2. Any past working experience? Where did you work?
  3. Why you left your last job?
  4. Any trick that can make angry customer to happy customer?
  5. Why did you choose Olive Garden?
  6. Are you willing to work at weekends?
  7. What best recipe you can cook?
  8. Are you ok to work on Christmas and other events?
  9. What quality do you have that help you always to make other happy?
  10. What you are expecting for hour job?

Salary Reviews:

Here you can see the annual salary record of Olive Garden that will help you to decide either working here is ok for you budget.

Job post Annual Salaries
Line Cook$20,000 
Food Runner$21,000

Employee Benefits:

You will be happy to see that company is providing good salary and benefits service to its employee here. You can see here benefits and other advantages that are competing other companies.

  • Discount: Employee can find here 50% discount on all items and food services at any of its restaurant.
  • Health insurance: get health insurance services for visual, dental and health care service on cheap rates.
  • Training: they are training their employee and developing extra skill in them