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Now a days, you can easily get career advices online without doing any hard work. You can simply provide some personal information along with your resume and you can apply for any kind of job you want. Although it has made convenience for you but on the other hand there are few dangers involved in the online career advices. You are very relaxed that your resume can be reached through a convenient source and you will then be in a position to start a career by using a medium of just one click.

Some Dangers

  • You can show your personality through your social media contacts where you put different kind of statuses in daily routine which show what type of person you are. Your email address which is available at your resume can be used to search you on Google very easily and the recruiter can see the acts which he is not looking in the person he wants to hire for that job. In that case, social media becomes the cause for the loss of a job.
  • Another issue comes when the after the scanning done by the low end recruiters in search of the potential candidates, resumes are sent to their clients without the knowledge of the persons whose resumes are forwarded. Now suppose your resume has been seen by the hiring manager and he is impressed with that and your resume is kept aside in the list of potential candidates. Sooner he may find that your resume has also been received through another source. If he gets the same person’s resume from two or three different sources, he may get an impression that you are not interested in the job in this company rather you are just desperate for the job and using different sources to get any job. This will ultimately affect your credibility.

How Can These Dangers Be Avoided?

  • You can remove all of your contact information when you are about to upload a resume to apply only for a job. Doing this will save you from the mistake which is done by you.
  • You can make an email address which should be used only for the purpose of job search. This will not allow the hiring manager to know about you through the social media. He will use that email address which is written in resume to search and your name will come up clean.