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At Party City we bring parties to the life, we engage customers in it. We look up for customer’s needs by asking relevant questions regarding their party and make expert recommendations to satisfy them. We are creating unforgettable parties with the efforts of our hardworking employees. Party City employs around 15,000 people on regular basis and in major seasons such as Halloween it’s close to 35,000.

If you think that you are quite creative and you have strong event management skills then you are strongly welcome to share your resume with us by applying for available positions through our online application portal.

Being an applicant you are required to visit our career platform, find department of your interest according to your skills and apply for available positions online by following stated below steps of instructions. Few available job positions are given below which will help you to find your dream job quickly.

  1. General Manager
  2. Junior Accountant
  3. Assistant Store Manager
  4. Store Manager Retail
  5. Manager/Assistant Manager
  6. Retail Supervisor/Team Leader

How To Find A Job?

In order to find a job at party city you are required to keep few important things in hand.

You must have a computer or laptop or any other related device with internet availability on it. Make sure internet connection should be reliable and powerful. You must have a profile on career web page but if you don’t have any account then register yourself. At registration you will need to have resume with you.

Step by Step Instructions:

You are required to follow given below steps of execution to find job online

  1. First of all you have to open a website of party city career in order to find a job online.
  2. Link of website is given as
  3. Visit home page of website where you will find a box located on left side of web page.
  4. Box would be named as “what kind of job you are looking for” where you would be asked for few available departments where some positions are vacant.
  5. Select department according to you choice and click on button of “Apply Now” located at the bottom of selected departments.
  6. Let’s say you have selected “Team Leader position” you would be redirected to available positions, select any one and click on button of “I’m Interested”
  7. Now you need to read complete details of job with great attention and click on button of “Apply” located on right side of web page.
  8. You would be asked to sign in to your account in order to submit your application of job.
  9. If you don’t have account register yourself by following on screen instructions.

Important Interview Questions:

At the time you got interview call start preparing yourself for interview by reviewing important questions. A list of available questions are given below which will help you to prepare well.

  1. Tell us something important to you?
  2. What do you think about party city?
  3. Give us an illustration of a decision which you have made to go well beyond to fulfill client?
  4. What moves did you make and what was the outcomes?
  5. Tell us about the time where you have worked with a group and a few individuals don’t share his or her work? How could you have been able to you handle it?
  6. What would be your procedure in deals?
  7. What sort of offers experience you are having?
  8. Discuss a period when your honesty was addressed?
  9. What is your capacity to manage colleagues?
  10. How do you feel about working with customers or clients?
  11. Describe a period where you needed to manage an irate client?
  12. Do you have any specialized experience alongside systems administration?
  13. What were your achievements in past occupation?
  14. What have you done to persuade a less excited laborer to hoist his execution?
  15. What would you do if any client needs to purchase an item, and item was charged over the publicized value and contend with you that it is not an exact cost?
  16. Name a period when you needed to manage Upset client, how could you have been able to you handle the entire circumstance?
  17. What would be your way to deal with offer assurance arrangement?
  18. What do you think what makes you consummate hopeful?
  19. Do you have any past offering background?
  20. What are your expected wages?
  21. Explain a period when you needed to lead a group?

Annual Salaries

The average party city corporation salary for the post of supervisor ranges from $15,000 and for the post of District Manager its $119,000. For more details you are required to visit Annual Graph of Salaries.

Job Title Annual Salary
Sales Associate$19,000
Customer Service$20,000
Assistant Manager$33,000
Senior Team Lead$22,080
Front End Supervisor$16,500
General Manager$58,000
Executive Assistant$42,900
Team Leader$25,000
District Manager$70,000
Human Resources Manager$60,000
Store Manager$60,000

Benefits and Reviews:

Party City corporation is providing number of benefits to their employees such as Insurance, medical assistance and other trainings which will help to accomplish their goals. A brief list of benefits are given below.

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Dental Insurance
  3. Vision Insurance
  4. Savings Account of Health
  5. Life Insurance
  6. Supplemental Insurance of Life
  7. Disability Insurance
  8. Profession Accident Insurance
  9. Mental Fitness Care
  10. Reduced and Flexible Hours
  11. Military Leave
  12. Family Health Leave
  13. Unpaid Prolonged Leave
  14. Vacation with Paid Time
  15. Sick Days
  16. Paid Holidays
  17. Volunteer Time Break
  18. Bereavement Leave
  19. Employee Support Program
  20. Customer Checks & Assistance

It is considered as a best place to start career because management of party city corporation is quite strong and employees are working in positive environment with lots of benefits and incentives.