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Payless ShoeSource is leading American footwear Retailer Company. It is providing discount products at its stores. Company is retailing shoes, sandals, flip flops, water shoes, socks and other accessories. Payless was found in 1956 and its founder was Louis Pozez and Shaol Pozez. It is operating about 4,496 stores at different locations with 25,000 employees. It’s headquarter is present at Topeka, Kansas. Company is looking for new talent at its stores with the increase of customers demand for their services. All eligible persons are invited to submit their applications to get job at this company.

Why To Join Payless?

If you want to keep your career moving forward as an employee of payless. Payless will provide you full chances to make decision in the company. Your efforts and your hard work in the company are basic key for your success. A successful career need some dedication and innovation and payless will provide you full chance for exploring your hidden talents. You can apply here online to submit your application or you can visit their local store to submit your resume. Here you can find latest job offers and other opportunities to take your career higher.

Explore Your Career Areas:

Payless is providing you better opportunities by joining this company. If you are ready to submit your application here then check career areas here.

  • Corporate Jobs
  • Retails Jobs
  • Distribution Center
  • Internship program

How To Apply Online For Job?

  • Use this link and see career areas on the left hand side of the page.
  • Click on any career area, and next on the page job openings.
  • Click on any job link by checking job title and department in which you are interested to work.
  • Overview the job descriptions and click on the button “ Apply Now” on the bottom of the page.
  • After that check the online application form, fill with information.
  • Enter your full name, address, city, state, zip, phone number and email address.
  • After that upload your resume of CV from your computer by press the button “Browse”.
  • Add you job cover letter and enter general information in the table below.
  • Enter your employment details like employer 1 and employer 2 details.
  • After that mention your language skills.
  • Enter your criminal history and accept the terms and condition after reading it.
  • Next click on the button “Submit”

Application Process:

After completing online application process wait for three week as company will inform you about interview via sending email.

Important Interview Questions:

Here you can find some important questions to learn about your interview Questions.

  1. Have you ever made any blunder in your career?
  2. Have you ever failed in exam?
  3. Sell this product to me?
  4. What method of communication you would like to use?
  5. Any stressful situation in your life.
  6. How can you give good customer service?
  7. Where do see yourself in one year?
  8. What are you hobbies?
  9. Have you ever struggled in your life?
  10. What is important to create strong with a company as employee?

Salary Review:

Here you can get annual salary review of this company.

Job ListAnnual Salary
Retail Sales Associate$20,811
Retail Assistant Manager$19,000 
Store Manager$37,924
Assistant Manager$20,000 
Customer Service Representative$20,000
Assistant Store Manager$22,000
Sales Representative$20,000
Training Supervisor$55,000
Forklift Operator$32,667
Group Leader$60,000
District Manager$89,000
Assistant Sales Manager$19,500
Manager in Training$36,000
Retail Manager$39,000
Lead Cashier$25,000
District Leader$85,000

Employee Benefits:

Payless is providing best worker benefits. You can get financial services like retirement plans, insurances and other services. Employee can get paid vacations and paternity leaves.