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Hilco which is one of the brands of the Hilsinger company is an eye wear and eye care company. Which was created in 1956 in Attleboro, MA. When the company began, its business was revolving around the designing and manufacturing of decorative aluminum and plastic parts for eyewear frames. As the business started to get success, manufacturing of the molded plastic nose pads for metal frames was also made as a part of the company’s operations and the company established a number of optical accessories products, repair parts, and tools for eye care professionals.

The products of the company include:

  • Consumer eyewear accessories
  • Sports eyewear
  • Sun wear
  • Swim products
  • Personalized lens care products
  • Industrial safety eyewear
  • Eye care supplies and accessories

Hilco provides its customers best possible services and always brings innovations in the products that is why the company is performing the duties of supplying more than 20,000 products to a very large number of customers. The priority to the customers is given at the top and company is always busy in finding ways for the creation of convenience for its customers.

Order Form:

Customers can have convenience of filling an order form online and submit it to the company to make an order for the required products. download the form from here “Click Here

  • The form is very simple and easy to fill out. First part of the form requires the name, address and e-mail address of the person placing the order. His credit card number and phone number are also required.
  • Select the items you want to purchase from the website of the Hilco. Variety of eye wear, sun wear, swim products and other apparel and related items are available there which are given along with their prices.
  • You can order Hard Goods and Apparel. For Hard Good, five columns are there in the form, in which item number along with its description will be added. Then the quantity required will be entered and the cost of the product. In the last column, total cost of the products is written for example you are placing an order for three items, you will write the cost of all three in the last column.
  • Apparel can also be selected and mentioned in the form, starting with the item number total number of columns here are seven. In this section of the form, two more columns are added which are of size and color of the apparel. Similar to the hard goods part, the last column is for the total cost of the items being ordered.
  • At the bottom you can find a box in which you may give other requests regarding products. After completing the required options to be filled, you can submit the form online or if you have downloaded and printed it, you can send it to the company by post.
  • After the placement of an order, Hilco considers the fulfillment of the order as its responsibility and it tries to give the customers best products according to the order made so that customers remained satisfied with the products which are delivered to them by the company.