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Walmart Stores Incorporated is a chain of U.S. based stores which offer its customers a number of products in its stores on discount rates. This company presents started its business when Sam Walton invested and made efforts towards the creation of the first of Walmart stores in 1962. This company presents its services all over the globe and has a number of stores at more than 11000 different locations.

This company presents an online portal for its customers so that they may search for job openings according to their qualifications and apply for these jobs. In case if applicants get short listed for the job, they get called for an interview.

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Common Questions Asked In The Job Interview:

The interviews for Walmart job openings are very simple and can easily be answered by the interviewees. They may ask the applicants about their worst and best experiences in the previous job positions where they work, the extra hours that they have spent while working in that firm and any comments about the previous company and boss. They also ask the applicants about their expected salary and other details.

Procedure Of The Interview:

The interviewing procedure for this company consists of hiring procedure in three days. The interviews are taken by the board of experts as well as one on one interview by the supervisor. The group of experts in the department generally asks technical aspects related to jobs whereas the supervisors ask overall experience related to previous job and the applicant’s expectation as a future employee in the company.

The “board game” job interview:

In addition to the above mentioned procedure, job applicants can also participate in the board games which are fun to play and are organized by the company. In these games, candidates participate by picking up different playing cards and moving different spaces. Each of the picked cards has a piece of information related to the functionality of different departments of the company or asking other members of the group different questions related to the company.

Evaluation Of Written Tests:

One of the methods to evaluate the performance of candidates is to carry out a written examination related to different aspects of the company. Specific amount of time is given for the examination in order to complete the questions. The questions may include abilities related to the customer service, comprehension, mathematical skills of the candidates etc.

The candidates may be asked questions related to personal details as well as professional details. The company is, however, more concerned with the candidate’s ability to handle the responsibilities related to jobs.

Tips For How To Prepare For A Job Interview?

The first and most important tip for having a good interviewing experience is to have complete knowledge related to the post for which you have applied. This is important in order to answer the technical questions related to job vacancy. The candidates must also keep in mind the experience that they previously had while working on a similar post in the firms with which they worked in past.

The second tip is to be confident and polite in the way of delivering speech. The interviewers usually observe personality traits of the customers. They are also judged on the way of their communication skills, fluency of speaking and convincing others on their own point of view. The candidates are expected to be logical while reasoning on any of the topics on which interviewers and interviewees are having discussions.