99 Cents Only Stores are pretty much just want they sound like – a store where almost everything is 99 cents only! It’s like a dollar store but better because you save even more money. You can get almost anything at the store, including gift cards. Product departments include things like health products, beauty supplies, home décor, clothing and accessories, outdoor equipment and lawn care, things for your school or office, supplies for parties, holidays, and entertainment, and even grocery products like produce. Shoppers can go to any one of the stores knowing that they are getting the best possible deal. Plus it’s a one stop shop for virtually everything that could possibly be on your shopping list!

Applying To Work At 99 Cents:

You can submit an application to work at 99 Cents performing any number of positions. If you are interested in retail or sales, or just love serving customers and helping them get the best value for their dollar, then this job may be for you! Go to refer link blow and peruse all the store info. When you are ready then visit following link for details about all possible career options.

Find 99 Cent Job Interview Tips

Apply Online And Offline:

  • First you have to decide – do you want to work in retail, logistics, or in a support center? These are the different categories for employment with this company.
  •  If you want to work in retail you can download the application form, fill it out, and take it into your nearest store for consideration.
  • For the other categories, look on the website to browse potential openings. Examples include:
    • Real estate
    • Legal
    • Manager
    • Sale Associate
    • Cashier
    • Office services
  • Choose the job categories and then select any post for that you are interested to apply for.
  • On the next page you will see the job description and two buttons to apply for this job.
  • You can apply with new or existing resume, you can avail existing resume you have to login into your account.
  • For new application make new account and submit you academic and other records.

Hours Of Operation:

In California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas stores are open from 8 AM to 10 PM most days of the year.

Find 99 Cent Store Jobs

Age Limitations:

If you are under 18 years of age then you need to be able to provide proof of your ability to work.

Benefits At The Company:

There are numerous benefits to working with 99 Cents Only Stores. You can get:

  • Comprehensive medical plans
  • Investment opportunities like 401K
  • Disability and other types of insurance
  • FSA’s
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Opportunity for growth and advancement
  • The pleasure of working in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere

And the perks continue! You can also get discounts on goods and services through the store. This company is a great place to work and takes care of its employees. You will be happy to have chosen a career in this business! Learn new things, meet new people, and investigate all the possibilities before you. You never know, you may start in retail as a sales associate and work your way up to a long term career at the corporate office! The first step is submitting the application. By following through with this convenient and easy online process you could be opening up some big doors to your future!

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