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The name Adidas comes from the founder of the company, a man named Adolf Dassler. He started the shoe store just before 1950 and begins manufacturing footwear for a variety of sports. Because of his desire to help all athletes, by the 60s the company is also designing shoes for less popular athletic choices, such as high jumping. Adolf passed away in the 80s, but his wife and three children are able to take over and keep the business within the family. By the 90s the company was clothing and providing shoes for a number of Olympic athletes and was even able to help athletes bring home 70 gold medals. As time went on the company branched out and brought in new brands to provide merchandise for sports such as golf and inline skating. Today they continue to be innovators in their field, introducing concepts such as the Energy Boost shoe.

How To Apply To The Company?

Do you have a passion for retail, customer service, and/or athletics and footwear? Whatever your reason for wanting to join the business, you can find a spot in the industry with this company. Follow this guide to submit an application.

  • Go to official site and click on the careers tab, or go to given link here.
  • From here you have a few choices. You can search for jobs, look at retail opportunities, or view featured positions.
  • Conduct a search by inputting keywords, or complete an advanced search by entering location and job category information as well.
  • Choosing to look at featured positions will show a few job types in particular need of people.
  • When your search results appear you will see the title, location information, function, brand, and the date posted all listed on your screen. Click on any of the titles to view detailed descriptions.
  • If the job sounds appealing after reading over all the information carefully, click to apply online. You can also send the job to a friend if you have someone else in mind for which you think the position would be a better fit.
  • To continue you will need to register an applicant profile. After you do this you can complete the final steps towards your application’s submission.

Age Requirements:

For entry level positions, such as a retail store associate, you can be as young as 16 years old. You will, however, need to provide proof of your ability to work legally in order to be hired.

Store Hours:

Different locations work on different schedules and may offer a variety of opening and closing times. For the most accurate information go to the specific link and search for stores around you. You can then call the number listed to receive an upcoming schedule.

Company Benefits:

You will receive a number of perks for working with this company and their affiliated companies. First and foremost you will be provided with competitive rates of compensation and employee discounts on merchandise. Additional benefits may very but could include:

  • Comprehensive health insurance plans
  • 401K and pension plans
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Vacation time
  • Training programs
  • Opportunities for growth

Most importantly you will be offered extensive chances to succeed and train for your position of tomorrow. The business encourages promotion from within and will educate you with the necessary knowledge and skillsets to achieve great success within the industry. If you work hard and pay attention, you could end up having management responsibility at a district level or higher!

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