This company started out in the Midwest in the year 1990 with the goal of providing people with their favorite fragrances in a variety of forms. There are stores throughout the U.S. and also in Canada. Shoppers can visit any locations and find fragrance items in the form of soaps, lotions, candles, body sprays, gels, and more. They are a leading retailer in the fragrance market through their variety, value, and quality. You can visit any stores, both free standing and in the mall, and be met with prompt, courteous service, attractive prices, and a guarantee that the merchandise you are buying is of premier quality.

Find Bath & Body Works Career Areas

Store Hours:

Go online to find operating hours of stores at the given link. You can search for units in your area and get up-to-date, accurate timetables.

Applying For Work:

  • Start by going to the employment section of, or visit the given linkdirectly.
  • You have a few options from here. First, if you are looking for an in-store retail opportunity, you can download the application in PDF format by below mentioned link here, fill it out, and take it into a store. Find link by scrolling down the page if you live in Hawaii.
  • There is a separate link to apply online if you live in Canada. You can also access the store locator to find out the addresses and contact information of locations in your vicinity.
  • You can also choose to pursue management or home office employment. This will take you to the Limited Brand website, where you can search for opportunities by location, company, and brand. The results will appear with the date of posting, brand, title, category, and location all listed.
  • Make a selection from the list to view details. By hitting APPLY NOW you will be taken to a log in page. If you do not already have a username and password you will need to create an account. This will allow you to complete the process and submit your application.
  • Note that you can also log in with your LinkedIn or Facebook account for more selective job searching. The site can find you job that match your qualifications based on information it garners from those accounts.

Age Requirement:

You generally need to be 18 or older to work at this company. Certain jobs may have additional requirements, such as minimum experience or education level that will necessitate you being even older.

Get Bath And Body Works Job Interview Questions

Benefits, Compensation, And Perks:

Your rewards and compensation for working with the company will vary slightly depending on your position and job type. For example, retail associate will be offered flexible scheduling, while corporate employees will receive certain perks for working in an office. Everyone will be compensated regularly and be offered merchandise discounts. You may also receive:

  • Health insurance plans
  • Disability coverage
  • Life insurance policies
  • Assistance programs
  • FSA’s
  • Retirement and investment accounts
  • Education assistance
  • Paid time off
  • And more!

Regardless of where you start in the chain of command, whether you start as an associate or in management, there is always room for growth. In fact, the company encourages it! The great news is that as you receive promotions and dedicate yourself to the company your wages and benefits will also increase!

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