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This sandwich shop chain first opened in the mid-1960s when three friends had a dream of selling delicious hoagie and submarine sandwiches to customers around the country. The company got its name when their desire for a unique term for the menu item led them to the dictionary. They settled on blimp because the large vehicle resembled the shape and intimated a large size for the hoagies they wanted to sell. The first location opened in New Jersey and grew from there. Nowadays there are locations across the coast and the vision of those founders is kept alive. Every store ensures the best ingredients and options for their diners.

Applying For A Job:

Do you want to join the team at this company? Go to main site to check out instructions on how to continue. You will have to follow a different protocol depending on the position in which you are interested.

Offline Applications:

If you want to work in a store, you will need to visit your nearest location to speak with someone.

  • The store finder online by the link mentioned below can direct you to the nearest locations to you. Investigate opportunities at more than one restaurant to get the widest range of job availability possible.
  • When you walk into a store, ask to speak with a manager. They can give you an application and give you more information about the positions that are open.
  • Fill out the application thoroughly and completely. When you are finished, turn it back in to the employee or other supervisor.
  • You may receive a phone call if your credentials have been reviewed positively. There might be an interview or two involved in the rest of the process before you are officially offered the job.

Online Applications:

For corporate positions with the company, you can submit your information online. Note that you must be located within commuting distance to Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • From the employment page, select the option to submit your resume and cover letter.
  • When you are organizing your information and writing the email, please be sure to indicate the department in which you are interested. Examples of departments are:
    • Information Technology
    • Finance
    • Operations
    • Training and Development
  • After you submit your qualifications, give the management time to review your submission. They will be in touch with you if a position opens up that is the right fit for you.

Age Requirements:

There are different qualifications you need to meet depending on whether or not you are applying for a corporate or store position. For opportunities within a store location you will need to be at least 16.

Employee Benefits:

Perks and bonuses that come with the job vary based on the job you are offered. Regardless, you will be rewarded for your work with competitive compensation on a regular basis. You can also get delicious discounts on sub sandwiches! Higher positions, such as those in management and with the corporate office, might allow you additional aspects to your benefits package, such as health insurance or investment opportunities. Dedicate yourself to the company and your commitment could pay off with promotions and pay raises!

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