Braum’s Ice cream and dairy Stores is a fast food and grocery store retailer chain in United States. Braum’s is known for its mouth-watering menu which is divided into categories like Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Frozen Yogurts, Ice Creams and Breakfast items. The headquarter of the company is in Oklahoma and it has been serving its customers through more than 300 store it owns in other states as well which include Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

People who are interested in job at the stores of Braum’s Ice creams can apply online easily for it. Braum’s Ice creams offers jobs to the people at both the entry level and full time as well. Number of job positions are there in each category which include;

  • Scooper
  • Team Member
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Cashier
  • Store Manager
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Shift Leader
  • Assistant Maintenance Manager
  • Cook
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Delivery Driver.

How To Apply For The Job?

For the jobs at Braum’s two methods are there to apply. One of the methods is to download the application form and submit it by going directly to a Braum’s store. On the other hand, online submission can be done. Here is the process to search an application form and submit it online;

  • To apply online for the job at Braum’s, its website can be used which is present on the right hand side.
  • This website is a place where job seekers can apply for the desired position through a simple process. First they need to enter the career portal which can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • By clicking on “Career”, another page will open where jobs which are opened can be found.
  • To search the job, three options will be there. Firstly, keywords of the job position are entered and then category of the job and location where the store is to be selected for that job are selected by scrolling down and select the suitable options. After doing that, job seeker will have to click on “Search” button which will give him a list of all the available jobs regarding his search.
  • The most suitable job can be opened to see the description including responsibilities, pay and benefits. If the person is interested to apply he can click on the ”Apply for this job online” tab which is given at the end of the page.
  • Then the job seeker will have to create his profile. For that, he will click on “Create and Apply” tab.
  • This will require from you to provide some personal information like name, address and phone number etc. Resume will also be uploaded here. After entering all the required information, profile can be submitted by clicking at the tab mentioning the same thing.
  • After making the profile, job application form will be opened where further questions will be asked related to the education and past experience of the applicant. Providing all the necessary information and submitting the form will end the process of online application after which screening of the applicants is done and are called for the interview.
  • If a job hunter is not interested at that time and want to think about it, he can select the option of saving the job and come back later.
  • If he is having any issues with the application or he has any question regarding it, he can click on the “Application FAQ” where you can find the solutions for the questions which are mostly asked. This option is available at the bottom of every page during the application process.

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