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This grocery store chain was started by Wood Brookshire and his brothers back in the 1920s. At first the name reflected the family component of the operation, but when Wood became the sole owner after a few years the name was shortened to what it is today. Since the beginning the founder has been dedicated to serving customers, even opening up the first air conditioned grocery store in Tyler, Texas. Today the operation includes segments that continue to serve shoppers, from entire stores dedicated to natural and organic produce to locations meant to provide the needs of Hispanic consumers. The company is a privately owned business with over 150 stores throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. It also involves itself in philanthropic efforts, contributing donations to many hundreds of charities every year.

Store Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 6am – 10pm
Friday and Saturday: 6am – 10pm
Sunday: 7am – 10pm

While this is a general depiction of a schedule, some stores will have slightly different operating times. Go online to search for locations in your area and get exact opening and closing times.

Why Work At Here?

The best part of working at this company is the encouraging atmosphere and the care the corporation has for their employees. You will be well taken care of, and even if you start at an entry level position you can easily work your way up the chain of command! At the beginning benefits may start at regular compensation and merchandise discounts, but before long you may have access to additional features such as insurance options and vacation time!

Age Qualifications:

Different positions come with a variety of qualifications and requirements for the positions, some of which include a mandate on a minimum age. These specifications might vary from 15 to 18 or even 21 years old as a minimum. The application you fill out will ask for your age and you will not receive a job if you do not qualify.

Applying For Work:

  • Submitting an Application Offline
    • You have the option of going into a store and picking up an application to fill out in person. You can fill it out on the spot or take it with you and return when you have completed it.
    • You can ask to speak with a manager if you have any questions, and he or she will call you when an opportunity arises.
    • You can also download the application online and take it into the store after you have filled it out.
    • Please note that you can only apply in person for retail/in-store positions. For corporate careers, apply electronically.
  • Submitting an Application Online
    • You can always send in your resume for a position in which you are interested. Make sure you put your desired job title in the subject line and send the email. For jobs specifically at the FRESH line of grocery stores, please email your resume to the given address.
    • You can also fill out an e-application and have it sent directly to the HR department. To do this go to fill out all the information asked of you, and submit it for consideration.
    • If you want to search for jobs, click on the JOB POSTINGS tab to see positions that have been uploaded as available to the site recently.

You can now officially look forward to your future career at here! Of course you will need to wait to find out if there is a position available for you, and you may need to participate in an interview or two, but if you are offered the job then you can get started right away working in a dynamic and friendly environment. You will be motivated and encouraged to learn, grow, and succeed!

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