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Bruster’s was started in 1989 by a man named Bruce who had a passion for ice cream and a knack for exacting the perfect recipe. He came up with a delicious recipe for ice cream and took it to the streets, opening the first store in Pennsylvania. All the desserts, from cakes to pies to ice cream cones, were expertly made, and word spread fast. Luckily the level at which people value ice cream has never decreased, and guests’ desire for this special ice cream has allowed the company to continue to expand. Today you can find stores in many places all over the country, still making the perfect concoctions based on Bruce’s recipes.

Store Hours:

Store hours vary based on location, especially since many of the stores are franchised. However the good news is that most locations have their own store site, which you can find by using the online locator. The site can give you specific schedule info. A sample schedule would be 11 AM to 10 PM every day.

Applying For Work – In Person:

  • To start, go to official site and click on jobs at the bottom of the screen, or go to career link click from the bottom of the page.
  • Read the information on the page and specifically the requirements for working. You need to visit a local store to apply in person.
  • You can also download the application and fill it out at home so you are prepared when you visit a store. You can see the application by the mentioned link.
  • When you visit the store, ask to speak with a manager. You can ask him or her any questions you may have and they can review your application.
  • They might interview you on the spot or ask you to come back another time. Either way, you will be notified if they would like to continue the employment process with you.

Age Requirements:

Based on state laws and labor requirements, you must be 14 or 15 at a minimum to work with this company. Certain other positions might have older age limitations or other restrictions. Speak with a manager for specific information regarding your desired position.

Benefits And Perks:

You will receive a number of benefits for working. The company is grateful that you are dedicating your time to the stores and would like to reward you accordingly. At the very minimum you will receive compensation – this may be based on hourly wages, tips, and/or a salary. You will also receive delicious discounts on ice cream! You may receive other benefits according to your position, such as medical benefits of company bonuses. Most importantly, however, you will be awarded multiple opportunities to advance! If you work hard, have a great attitude, and learn all you can, the potential for you is practically limitless! You could start off scooping ice cream and end up franchising your own location. Dream big!

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