About Company:

Established in 1954, the BURGER King brands have become the second biggest fast food hamburger outlet in the world. The company logo signifies the firm’s commitment to serve its patron with snacks made from original premium ingredients, continue to develop custom recipes, and gourmet style traditional dining.

Minimum Age To Work:

You must be over 16 years to apply for a job at Burger King

Job Hours:

Job hours are fixed according to location, normally you will find 6:00am-2:00am a day.

Types Of  Job Offered

Burger offers two main kinds of jobs for prospective and in-house applicants.

Corporate & Field Opportunities:

With this kind of job at Burger, you always get down to business. With refreshing challenges each day, you will like the way the company leads you to greater achievements based on your own ideas. That’s not all; you furthermore have the singular option of building a bright future for yourself. Whether as an enterprise supervisor, market supervisor, accountant or IT expert, there is always an opportunity for you to explore at Burger.

In-Restaurant Opportunities :
Here, you would love to meet new people every day and work with understanding team and colleagues. You will like the cheerful environment of people leaving and entering the restaurant each minute as you serve or cause to serve them their favorite dishes.  All this while, you would be looking forward to a handsome and consistent salary. No matter how you look at it, the In-Restaurant opportunities provide you with the likelihood to own it all – and have it all of your method to achieve corporate goals.

Employee Benefits

Burger provides two nice medical benefits for employees to choose from. Each option comes with 100% coverage for preventive care and a special medical fund to help you offset your bills even when you are no more working for the company. Additionally, staff have insurance covering eyeglasses, lenses and even discounts on Lasik laser vision correction surgery.

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