Founded in the 1940s, this company is all about providing fashionable items to people at a great price. Most of their clothing, shoes, and accessories items focus on junior miss and plus size markets, but one of their sibling companies offers products for men and children as well. Cato offers a wide range of products for all occasions – dressed up, casual, unique, or classy – they have it all. They also have a category for lingerie and you can find good gift options as well. The atmosphere in the stores is appealing and attractive and customer service and catering to each shopper’s needs is a core part of the company mission. People can come to Cato and shop for all their favorite styles in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Cato Fashion New Openings To Apply

Store Schedules:

Store Hours will vary slightly depending on the location. You can use the store locator at to find the one nearest you. You can view the contact information and speak with a representative to discover the exact hours.

Age Minimum:

You must be at least 18 years old to be hired by this company.

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Job At Cato?

If you are interested in pursuing employment at this company then you should visit following link to learn about the business and see the industry products that they offer. If you are dedicated and enthusiastic and have a knack for retail and customer service then go to link blow to view specific employment information.

The Search For Employment:

  • There are a number of options for you to search through as you seek out job options. You might first think about what category of work you would like to do. This might include:
    • IT
    • Human Resources
    • Development and Construction
    • Loss Prevention
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Real Estate
    • Operations
  • These are examples of jobs available at the corporate office. You could also work in a distribution center or in a retail store. There are four different types of stores you can work in under the parent company – one is Cato and then three others have slightly different focuses. Positions in this store include:
    • Associate
    • Assistant Manager
    • Manager
    • Training Manager
  • Click on a job type and then a location to narrow down your search results. Read over the descriptions and qualifications to make sure it is a good match.
  • For certain store positions you will have to fill out the application and take it into a store for submission. You can view the application go to refer link blow.
  • For corporate positions submit your resume to the email provided here
  • Either way, someone will follow up with you when there is a good match. Be sure to apply for jobs that closely match both your skills and interests. If you don’t get a job it is only because either your talents did not match the qualifications for the job closely enough or another candidate was a better fit.


There are numerous benefits for working with Cato. Of course you will be compensated competitively (either hourly or salaried, depending upon your position) and you will be offered a benefits package commensurate with your job type (consider both level and full time/part time). You may also receive discounts on store and affiliate products. Your most appealing benefit, however, will be the opportunity for advancement and promotion as you work hard and dedicate yourself to the business.

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