This restaurant was started and is still owned by a husband, wife, and their son. It is a fast food chicken place that provides never frozen chicken that is dipped in a batter of delicious ingredients and served to customers. Initially it started as a delivery service and today customers can access the food by way of drive-thru, dine-in, and some carhop options. There are locations throughout five states in the south with a total of around 170 stores. You can also take advantage of franchising options, gift cards, and catering services for your large event or tailgate. Guests love to visit the locations not only for the good-to-eat and made to order chicken, but all the delicious sides such as crispy fries.

Store Hours:

Locations’ hours will vary slightly, so use the online store locator to find detailed information for the restaurant in which you are interested. You can find the page at link mentioned below.

Applying For Work:

The process for submitting an application to work with this restaurant group is partially online and partially offline.

  • First, go to link mentioned below to find more information about employment about the company.
  • You can find the PDF file for the application on this page by the given link.
  • When you download it, fill out all the questions, providing your details, employment history, and other credentials as completely and accurately as possible.
  • Take the completed forms at which you work. You can also fill out more than one form and take them to a few spots. Applying to work at multiple locations will maximize your chances of finding a job.
  • Ask to speak to a manager. He or she can review your information and also answer any questions you may have.
  • After you are done, wait for someone to give you a call. They can let you know how to proceed, such as by completing an interview or two.

When you are done, you could be afforded the chance to work in a friendly and supportive environment and make tons of new friends!

Age Requirement:

Restrictions for certain positions based on how old you are will vary depending on the job and its requirements. Speak to the manager if you are uncertain or have questions.

Benefits And Compensation:

Not only you will have a lot of fun and meet great people through your work with this company, but you will be compensated competitively for your service and hard work. Every employee will be compensated regularly either based on hourly wages or a predetermined salary. You can also get discounts on the delicious chicken and sides you will be serving! As you move through the company you can also earn additional discounts, such as medical health coverage. The greatest opportunity you have is the chance for advancement. You can learn, train on the job, and educate yourself on all the tricks of the trade. If you dedicate yourself and have a good work ethic you will go far!

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