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This company has reshaped the media and technology culture by their creativity, experiences and advance research. This year company has gained the new title as “Multi Channel News Operator Of The year” because of its innovative technology and fastest revenue growth. Company is doing two businesses “Comcast Cable” and “NBS Universal” and they are quite successful for maintaining these two major responsibilities in the telecommunication industry. Nation recognize this company for providing high speed internet, phone services provider and Cable networking services provider. NBC Universal has launched 30 channels for providing coverage about the news and sports events on TV.

Company’s History:

Comcast Corporation is famous mass communication and telecommunication started in 28 February 1963.Company is now ranked as the third biggest telecommunication services provider company in United State. Company is providing its services to home residents and also commercial customers and they leading in 40 states with their excellent services. According to latest survey company has disclosed its latest year revenue calculation with is 62.570 billion dollar and it shows that company is successfully leading toward the progressive and development phase where it can rule over the telecommunication industry.


Comcast is committed to provide the fair employment services for all new comers to give them a chance to lead with them , that why they have provided their career webpage for all wiling person who are interested to join them. They have announced all jobs available on their site for which interested person can apply easily. Explore their career page and get to know the latest offers.

Job Available:

When you will visit here you will see huge set of available jobs here. As a company is running big business so, that why it required huge team which can make their goal perfect by utilizing their skills and services.

  • Field Technician
  • Sales
  • Customer Services
  • Leadership
  • Corporate
  • Military and Veterans
  • Technology

How To Apply?

  • To apply online you need to click on the button “Apply Online” here on this page, locate it on the right side of the page.
  • On the page you will see the different jobs categories click on any one , for example if you are looking for the “Field Technician”
  • See the sub categories on the page choose one of them which is closed to your qualification and skills.
  • See the next page and click the link where you can search job for you.
  • Next see the jobs categories and click on the link of job highlighted with blue color.
  • Next read the description and press the button “Get Started”
  • Now sign in your account by entering your email address and password.
  • If you don’t have account then gets registered here.
  • Company will make you call for interview.

Age Requirement:

Company has mentioned age requirement for each post in job description because company has age demand according to the post with experience.

Hours To Work.

Company is off at Sunday and available six days of the week and their office timing may be fluctuate.

Employee Benefits:

As we know this world famous company , so cannot doubt  about it that it may be neglect it workforce. Obviously company is giving all benefits that they employee need to have .They are proving complete list of benefits mentioned below.

  • 401(k)
  • Stock Purchase Plans
  • Discount for their purchases
  • Health Insurance
  • Drug Plan Program
  • Life Insurance
  • Accident Insurance

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