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Converse is a shoe company based in the United States that sells shoes, athletic apparel, and fashion for select lifestyles. It was founded in the early 1900s and has its headquarters in Massachusetts. The parent company is Nike, a multinational corporation that also sells footwear and athletic clothing and accessories as part of its product line. In the very beginning the business was actually involved in the rubber industry, eventually moved over into sneakers and boots, and at some point became involved in sports footwear and basketball in particular. Today products are available for several sports, in several styles, and for men, women, and children. Retail locations can be found all over the country as free standing stores and as retailers within shopping malls.

Applying For Work:

If you have a creative style; are interested in fashion, shoes, or retail; or would enjoy working for a large, national corporation, consider working with this company. They are always looking for motivated, enthusiastic, and driven people to join the team.

  • Go to main site by accessing the main site to begin your job search. Look at the very bottom of the page where there is a black strip with some links printed in small font. Click the one that says “Careers.”
  • The home page of the career site gives you some information about the company and asks some questions. Click on the link associated with the question that best suits you. Unless you already work for the company or are only interested in temporary employment, you will most likely click the first link.
  • On the next page you can conduct a basic job search. You may enter in a specific job number, relevant keywords, your location, desired job field, and desired job organization. The results will appear below the section where you entered your criteria.
  • All results are listed with the job title, location, job type (full time, part time, or temporary) and requisition ID on display. Click on any of the titles to view more details.
  • Read over the job description and qualifications to make sure the position is a good match for you. If, after reviewing everything, you would like to continue, click the grey button to apply now.
  • Before you can continue you will need to accept the privacy statement. Then you will need to either log in or create an account. If you are a first time user, click the button to register and type in your desired username, desired password (twice) and email address. Then follow the instructions to create your profile and submit an application.
  • Someone will get in touch with you for an interview if you are a qualified candidate. Be prepared to interview more than once or participate in other testing if you are applying for a more senior level position. Good luck!

Age Restrictions:

All positions come with a list of qualifications, some of which may include mandates regarding minimum age levels. Particularly if you are a minor, make sure that the position allows for people under the age of eighteen to apply.

Store Hours:

Retail locations vary slightly in their opening and closing times based on a variety of factors. Use the online store finder to locate retailers near you and find store-specific schedules.

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