This restaurant chain was founded back in California in the 1950s. It first opened under a different name and the menu was much more limited. As time went on the name was changed to it’s the food choices expanded to include a variety of diner options, and eventually it became publically traded as well. Today the parent company owns over 1,500 of the restaurant and employs over 20,000 people. The restaurant offers sandwiches, entrée items, and a variety of breakfast foods, including the ever famous Grand Slam. They are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you can come in any time you feel hungry and get something delicious to eat.

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Hours And Scheduling Information:

it is open all day every day. The only exceptions might include restricted hours during holidays.

Employment Opportunities:

The restaurants are always looking for bright, motivated people to join the team. If you think you might qualify and are interested in working at their page and check out the careers and job openings. This page can be found specifically at refer link. You have a number of different career paths to think about when deciding to join the team in this restaurant business.

Job Searching And Applications:

  • One of the first aspects to nail down is what type of job you want to have. Take into consideration and restrictions or qualifications you have to meet. Also think about your interests, what you would most enjoy, and where you think you would learn the most. Examples of potential opportunities are:
    • Cook
    • Server
    • Host or Hostess
    • Manager
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Assistant
    • Accountant
    • Construction Worker
  • You can search job by keywords, job location and type.
  • There are many more as well, and you can see that the paths you have to choose from cover a broad spectrum. Apply for one or more jobs based on what you think is a good match. You can do so by clicking on either the job title or type.
  • The locations and jobs available will appear. Click on one that interests you and select APPLY For This Job.
  • Enter you contact information and upload you resume.
  • Follow the instructions to submit the e-application through the website.
  • Someone will contact you if they think you are a good fit and you can continue the process from there, perhaps completing one or more interviews. Searching on the website will help you to ascertain the jobs for which you are most likely to get hired. Spend a fair amount of time looking at every opportunity and try to understand the job details as much as possible so you can be prepared to take on the job.

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Age Restrictions:

You must show legal ability to work. It typically hires people 16 and older. Some positions may require older age minimums depending on the responsibilities associated with the position. Check with a manager if you are unsure.

Benefits At The Company:

You will be compensated regularly for your work and for completing your duties. Some employees are hourly, some are salaried, and some work mostly on tips. Certain positions also offer benefits packages, and workers will receive discounts on food as well. You can also move through the ranks within the company and earn higher wages and more attractive benefits as you show your loyalty and gain skills and knowledge about the industry. There is no limit to how far you can go! Show up to work with a smile and a willingness to try your very hardest and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

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