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Double Tree is American hotel chain associated with the Hilton Hotels throughout the world. This hospitality service was started in 1969 and now worldwide customers are taking their hotel service due to their reliable and modern architecture hotel building at attractive places.

This hotel is linked with the Hilton hotel at many location more than hundred places and they believe after long traveling customer should receive the best environment for hospitality.

Their managing staff is contributing their services to the customers. Company wants to give the best service to the customer so; it works hard for the best customer services. Company is ready to hire the new employees who can take them to the step that lead them to the success. They need the staffs that are honest to them by devoting their services and skills. They need management staff as well as for the hotel. They care a lot for each department of the hotel any they can take risk for ignoring any of services that they are going to provide their customers.

Jobs Offers At Their Ends:

This company is known as a symbol of the good hospitality and they are famous for the customer services. They are getting job application from the applicant who want share their talent with this company. They are providing the arrays of the talents that is required at this company. You can earn here according to your talent and experience and your career growth is assured here with great working experience. Here is some job categories major demanded here.

  • Customer services
  • Call Center
  • Corporate
  • Human resource management
  • Culinary
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing and Sale
  • Commercial Services
  • Food and beverage
  • Guest Services
  • Home reservation department
  • Hotel management
  • SPA and Recreation

For featured jobs you can visit them at their official website and you can get the hot job offers here and next follow the procedure for applying here.

How To Apply?

  • To apply here for the jobs see the button “Apply Online” present on the right hand side.
  • On the page see the right hand where you will find the search boxes to find the jobs first of all choose the country, location, brands and area of talents by the drop down menu and click on the button “Search”.
  • Next see the jobs available and click on the “Apply” link and get the page where you can read the job description and you can easily apply here by clicking on the button “Apply”
  • Next read the terms and condition of the company and click on the button “I accept” and
  • After that login to you account or create new account by giving personal , contact information and also submit your resume.
  • You can connect with you social account at this site to submit your resume.

Age Requirement:

They have mentioned eligible criteria for every job, for every job age requirement is clearly mentioned. The minimum age requirement is 18 years old and they need 21 years minimum age requirement for the alcohol serving. Experiences and ages are differently required for the different job areas.

Working Hours:

They have 24 hours and full week hotel services and they are required the staff for the morning and night shifts. At here company need the full day services according the services needs.

Income Information:

As the company hold the great staff for different services and company is paying salaries and benefits to the employee in return of their services. They are giving high and compatible packages to the employees according to their industry set criteria .They are giving part time, full time and management jobs and paying them according the responsibilities and the duties of the employees.

Employee’s Benefits:

They are offering employee benefits according the post and job for which employee is working for them. They have distributed the equal benefits plans to their employees working at different location for them. They are giving overtime extra pays and vacation for their employees who are doing full time jobs here. They can enjoy here saving plans 401(k) and paid vacations at the time of illness and other major problems.

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