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This company got its name from the very first drugstore it opened in the 1960s, which was in between Duane and Reade streets in New York City. Today it is the biggest chain of pharmacy stores in the Manhattan area, with over 250 stores throughout a variety of neighborhoods in New York. You can go to one of the stores for any number of needs, from pharmacy prescriptions to nutritional vitamins and supplements to greeting cards and photography processing. The company went public in the 1990s and has been considered one of the fastest expanding chains of its type.

Working At Here:

If you are looking for a new career and have an interest in retail and pharmacy work, check out this company. You can receive a number of benefits for joining the team, the first of which will be regular compensation, either based on hourly wages or a set salary. Company employees will also receive discounts on products and merchandise in the store. Certain positions, particularly those in management or at corporate, will be offered additional benefits, such as savings plans or insurance options. Check out main site to learn more. Once you are hired you can always ask your supervisor exactly what benefits apply to you. Most importantly, wherever you start there is always room for growth and advancement!

Store Hours:

Most stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However the services offered within the locations, such as pharmacy, photo processing, or money gram options, might have more limited schedules. Search for a store near you by using the online locator tool.

Age Requirements:

For most positions you need to be at least 16 to apply. Certain jobs might have additional requirements that necessitate you be even older, such as 18 or 21.

How To Apply ?

  • There are a number of categories of job for which you can apply. These include:
    • In-store retail jobs
    • Careers in the pharmacy
    • Working at the distribution center
    • Opportunities at the company headquarters
  • Find the positions and then apply for the desire location on the next select the zip code and location information to find job on the certain location.
  • Positions that are available will be posted on this next page. Select any of the titles to view detailed descriptions of the job. Clicking to apply for the position will take you to another page that gives you even more information about the job.
  • If you want to put yourself into the running as a candidate for the position, click to find a location. Doing this will allow you to find job postings in an area that is convenient to your residence.
  • Follow the instructions and enter in all the information asked of you on the next pages. When you are done your qualifications will be submitted. Now simply wait for someone to contact you about the next steps!

You can look forward to an exciting and dynamic career with this company. You will have plenty of chances to learn, gain industry-specific skillsets, meet a lot of people, and turn your job into a lifelong, satisfying career!

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