Emerald Textiles is the provider of laundry facility which has been operating in United States with a goal to provide the highly clean and better services for the healthcare industry. Emerald Textiles provides the best commercial healthcare linen services in California by creating a high-tech commercial healthcare laundry facility and claims the services are provided with the best possible cleanliness. Emerald, with its technology and experience has the capacity to provide the just-in-time cart exchange delivery services along with many other value added services to the hospitals.

  • Emerald has been involved in the saving of water of nearly 40,000,000 gallons and 750,000 therms of natural gas every year. Emerald Textiles is also providing its services in San Diego and Los Angeles. Its customers include;
  • Scripps Health
  • Sharp HealthCare
  • UC San Diego Health System
  • Eisenhower Medical Center
  • Kaiser San Diego
  • Kaiser Orange County and
  • John’s Health Center – Santa Monica.

Emerald has competitive advantage in few things which makes it best service provider in the industry. Emerald is different from others due to its;

  • Most Advanced Technology
  • Its cleanliness and high level of compliance
  • Experience of almost 30 years
  • Value Driven i-e customers’ needs are fulfilled and money is saved.
  • Water and energy conservation

Important To Learn:

  • Job Offers: Emerald Textiles offers jobs at different positions which include; Commercial Service Representative, Cart Handler, Folder, Wearing Apparel Finisher, Checker, Laundry Attendant, Linen Distribution Attendant, Custodian.
  • Minimum Age to Work at Emerald Textiles: You must have minimum age 18 years to apply for the job at Emerald Textiles
  • Emerald Textiles Hours of Operation:It provides services for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Job Application Form: application form which may be downloaded and sent is available at the following link from the right hand of the current page.

Employee Requirements:

In the application form, general questions regarding the education, identity, skills and experience of the applicant are asked. Employee who can perform the duties efficiently for lengthy shifts are required. Therefore, physically fit persons are preferred. Those who have some prior knowledge regarding the industry and the job duties have better chance to get the job.

Job Descriptions:

  • Customer Service representative or a driver has the duty to deliver the clean linen and to pick up soiled laundry. He should be able to reach and deliver in time which is necessary to maintain a good relationship with customers and make the customers satisfied with the services.
  • Cart handler has the responsibility to receive the soil carts and then put them into cart washers and distribution to the appropriate department is also his duty. Further he has to distribute the clean linen and other products within the department. He also has to move the carts and other products to designated areas and maintain a record of all the materials which have been received and distributed.
  • Folder has the responsibility to ensure the quality of the linen products while passing them through a number of steps for the finishing of the items. He has some other duties including catching at the back of ironer and then folding them with hands as well.
  • Laundry attendant’s job is to keep the manager aware of any issues related to that.
  • Wearing Apparel Finisher is to ensure the quality of apparel which is to be delivered to the customers. It is his job to complete the order within the specified time.