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FedEx was originally started in the 1970s as a corporation focused on providing shipping and packaging services to clients around the world. The main tactic for the company’s growth was through acquisition of other corporations, and this was able to be done at a fairly quick pace. One of the most popular incorporation’s was of Kinko’s less than a decade ago, which has allowed customers to not just ship documents but to take care of printing, copying, and faxing before doing so as well. Today the corporation has become a global enterprise that takes care of peoples’ shipping needs of packages large and small on all timelines. The company uses multiple means of transportation, including air freight, to make sure that your gifts, business products, and orders are sent and received on time. It is large enough now to boast nearly 300,000 employees.

Becoming An Employee:

You can be one of a large number of employees who are finding satisfaction and purpose by being a part of an incredibly large and successful international corporation. Because the company is so large there are a great number of positions and types of job that need to be filled. Go to refer link  and click on careers or go to the following link.

Submitting An Application Online:

  • You can search for any number of employment opportunities through this site. Narrow your search by choosing a specific job category, choosing a particular company, and typing in any keywords.
  • If you already have a certain work opportunity in mind you can type in the job ID number to go straight to that option. Categories range from accounting to warehouse. Additional examples include:
    • Technology
    • Security
    • Retail
    • Operations
    • Maintenance
    • Human Resources
    • Flight and Air Operations
    • Communications
    • Administration
  • You will also need to enter your country and state to narrow your location.
  • All of the available jobs will appear and you can select what meets your needs and wants. Select a job, read the description and qualifications to make sure you are a good fit, and click to apply online.
  • Login to send you resume to the company or register yourself for seek to applying job.
  • Fill out all your personal and employment information as best as possible on the application to make sure it is complete and accurate. Someone will contact you when a match is made.

Hours Of Operation:

When will you work? This depends entirely on your job description. You may work a 9-5 office job, you may work a night shift, or you may work variable hours depending on when stores are open or when packages need to be shipped.

Benefits Of Working:

Perks, features, and rewards of working with the company vary on your position, but may include some or all of the following:

  • Competitive pay
  • Medical benefits that include dental and vision coverage
  • Paid leave
  • Pension plans
  • Stock options
  • Tuition and other assistance programs
  • Opportunity for growth
  • And more!

You can look forward to employment with one of the foremost companies in the nation and abroad! You will be thrust into a dynamic work atmosphere with plenty of chances to grow, learn, and achieve advancement!

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